Why Direct Mail Works From A Cognitive Perspective

Why Direct Mail Works From A Cognitive Perspective

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Why Direct Mail Works From A Cognitive Perspective

Direct mail has been a staple for many businesses’ marketing frameworks for decades, and for good reason. Time and time again direct mail delivers promising results that far surpass many forms of digital ads. 

But why? Why does direct mail initiate this response in customers? Several studies were conducted over the past few years to observe customers’ reactions on a neurological level. 

As digital advertising rose in prominence, many marketers abandoned direct mail within their marketing plan. However, based on these studies, not only does direct mail play a significant role in brand loyalty, but it also results in far greater responses to a business campaign. 

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Brain Activity During Initial Viewing

In various neuromarketing studies, participants viewed print ads far longer than digital ads. In fact, a Canada Post study noted that participants spent 118% more time viewing direct mail than their digital counterparts. 

How long would this be? An InfoTrends study tracked that 82% of participants read for a minute or more. 

Along with a longer viewing time, direct mail also encourages more mental stimulation. This is because the physical manifestation of the ad promotes an emotional reaction from the participant. Direct mail also requires 21% less cognitive effort to process, making the initial viewing easier to digest and understand. 

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Response After Initial Viewing

Direct mail is also highly motivational. Over half (56%) of study participants went online or visited a physical store after responding to their direct mail. In addition, 62% of participants of the same study made a purchase in the past three months after responding to direct mail.

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Direct Mail’s Lasting Effects

Direct mail is impactful and encourages action, but most importantly, it leaves a lasting effect on the brain. After a week of initial viewing, study participants could remember the mail ads they viewed far quicker and more confidently than digital ads. Participants also placed a higher value on the products and services when viewed through direct mail. 

In addition to remembering the product and content of the ad, 66% of participants had a higher brand recall. 

Direct Mail for Your Business

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Even at a neurological level, direct mail far surpassed digital ads in viewing time and remembrance. For companies that value brand loyalty and wish to establish lasting customer connections, direct mail is an excellent extension of their marketing framework. 

Starting a direct mail campaign is challenging, and it could also be costly without proper guidance. Printing, postage, and creating lead lists can overwhelm even the most experienced of marketers. That is where DK Solutions can help. 

At DK Solutions, your business and message are our highest priority. Thanks to our TargetList methodology, we deliver more sales with less mail volume overall. And by only targeting high-quality leads, our company saves you both time and money. 

Contact us today for more details about how direct mail can work for your business. We will be happy to discuss your vision and message to reach new customers. Visit our blog for more information about direct mail campaigns and how they can elevate your business to the next level. 

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