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A traditional marketing funnel. Blue and white envelopes fill the top of the funnel. The blue envelopes are labeled as "SOME Prospects" The sections of the funnel are labeled from largest to smallest, Audience, prospects, leads, and sales.

The TargetList Difference: Lower Costs, More Sales

Often, buying a lead list means getting a large number of contacts among whom only a small portion respond and even fewer buy. Not only that, but this list has often been sold, reskinned, and resold to your competitors, meaning that many similar companies are marketing to the exact same people.

At DK Solutions, we solve this problem through our proprietary TargetList methodology. Through data modeling, we generate responsive leads based on your business’ most profitable customers.

Our TargetList initially extrapolates your current customers’ buying preferences and behavioral data to the entire U.S. population. It then identifies only the consumers extremely aligned with your customers along several dozen data points.

These, and only these, leads comprise your list. Since these lists are smaller, they cost you less – and they include only prospects highly likely to buy what you sell.

You won’t just pay less for better leads – you’ll bring in more revenue, too.

A TargetList marketing funnel. The top of the funnel labeled "audience" is cut off.  Blue envelopes fill the top of the funnel. The blue envelopes are labeled as "ALL Prospects" The sections of the funnel are labeled from largest to smallest, Prospects, leads, and sales.

ONLY Prospects In Audience

Highly Qualified Prospects

Reduced Waste

Highly Responsive Leads

Better Overall CPA

How Purchasing TargetLists Works with DK Solutions

When purchasing lists from DK Solutions, you only receive prospects whose behavior and buying pattern data follow in your current customers’ footsteps. Therefore increasing the chances that these prospects become responsive leads. This allows our clients to close more sales while also paying less per lead overall.

Here’s how the process works:

1.) Learn About Your Customers

First, we obtain data on the customers you’d like to reach. Then we clone this data and look at the past year or more of your customer’s activity.

2.) Build An Ideal Buyer Profile

Next, we look at thousands of data points and prioritize several dozen of the most important ones across demographics, buying habits, and behavior patterns.

3.) Find Ideal Buyers

After that, our company lists every household in the U.S – yes, literally every household – and rank them in order of likelihood to buy your products or services. Our method ranks the top customers by their potential.

4.) Contact Your Leads

Finally, send out your mailer, and sit back as the qualified leads come in. Our clients enjoy 2-3 times the response rate and pay less per lead overall when they switch to DK Solutions.

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