Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Let’s face it — large companies are paying top dollar to find as many leads as possible within a given area.

But finding these leads with blanket campaigns is like finding a needle in a haystack — resulting in high costs, irrelevant responses, and low ROIs.

As a company, do you spend all of your time and resources in the hopes of finding a few needles in the haystack?

Finding A Needle in a Haystack, Or Is It?

Imagine if your prospect list ONLY contained the leads you want to target. No clutter or irrelevant responses — just reliable, attentive prospects that are already identified as a good fit for your company.

Data modeling makes it possible to not only find the right leads for your company, but also predict who among them would be most receptive to your product or services. Then — and only then — will those prospects be included in your marketing campaigns.

–And that is precisely how our TargetLists work.

Data Is the New Oil

A term coined in 2006 by the British mathematician Clive Humby, “data is the new oil” illustrates the high value businesses place on understanding their customers through their preferences and buying habits.

While global and international companies are taking full advantage of available customer data to modify their campaigns, many smaller businesses seem to lack the knowledge or resources to do so.

What if your company could harness the power of data analytics to build a successful marketing strategy? 

Data Modeling in Marketing

Creating a data model for predictive analytics is no small feat. Despite the limitless opportunities for growth, there’s often a large disconnect between insightful marketing analysis and smaller businesses.

That is why DK Solutions developed the TargetList methodology.

By measuring these sales trends and analyzing similar audience behavior, our TargetLists build predictive customer data models for future marketing campaigns. 

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Less Clutter, More Sales

Reduce the exorbitant costs of marketing campaigns by only sending mailers to high quality prospects that are likely to respond.

Discover Opportunities

Utilize customer data to reach nationwide households and identify new areas of growth for your business.

Improve Decision-Making

Confidently plan for future business growth by utilizing historical metrics to gauge potential opportunities.

Identify Specific Pain-Points

Predict future issues through meticulous analysis of past and current campaigns to reduce potential risks.

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Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Start your marketing journey today with DK Solutions.

Backed by intensive data modeling and marketing analysis, our Targetlists help our clients enjoy more sales without the excessive mail volume or low-quality leads. 

Through this method, our clients save money on their campaigns by avoiding uninterested candidates and enjoy a higher ROI overall.

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