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Direct Mail Works for Home & Residential Services Companies

For businesses that rely on accurate location and targeting such as landscaping, pest control, home improvement, and more, direct mail is a great marketing channel for finding new customers. Advertise your home services to the right prospects with a customized targeted approach.

And with DK Solutions, your campaigns will see a higher ROI on average thanks to our TargetList methodology. By targeting only households that share common attributes with your existing customer base, we can reduce the number of mailers sent to uninterested or unqualified prospects.

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Home Services We Cater To:

Pest Control

Seasonal messaging to prospective households that are matched to your customer base.

Home Security

Locate your most profitable customers based on household and spending habits.

Home Improvement

Target new and old homeowners alike based on home value, income, and behavior.


Avoid condominiums and people who want to mow their own lawns.

Cleaning Services

Identify your ideal customers based on property size and room count.

Plumbing Services

Reach prospects who are likely to be interested in a reoccurring service plan.


Discover likely customers based on the age of their homes and systems.


Can’t find the industry you’re looking for?

The Direct Mail Advantage 

With proper data modeling, your business can target NEW owners adapting to the challenges of homeownership, as well as people who have been in their homes for a while looking to upgrade.

By tracking characteristics like estimated income, or even more reliable attributes like property value and buying habits, your business can find the households most likely to purchase your services. 

With its ability to personalize, customize, and engage, direct mail can target ONLY the prospects that are most receptive to your message, and ignore the households that would never be interested in the first place.




Direct Mail with DK Solutions

Improve the way you market to new customers by starting your journey with DK Solutions.

We reduce overall mail volume by ONLY targeting the ideal prospects for your business, saving you time, money, and stress. In addition, we continually refine each future campaign based on previous responsive data, so your TargetList will improve over time. 

Our TargetList campaigns analyze a list of your best customers, and then identify the unique data points they share to build a custom customer profile. We then compare this profile to thousands of responsive households across the US to find new prospects that are relevant to your business.

Every TargetList campaign is crafted with your specific business in mind. We will work with your team to create an ideal TargetList strategy that fits your unique marketing needs. 

When you work with us, we will work only for you. As our client, we will not work with your competitors or sell your leads (or lists) to another company.

You can contact us through our contact page, or call (855) 755 - 9008 for more information. You can also visit our blog or FAQs for more insight on DK Solutions, our TargetLists, and the direct mail industry.  

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