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Exclusive Final Expense Leads for Insurance Agents

Final expense leads, also known as burial or funeral insurance leads, when generated via direct mail advertising, are some of the most reliable and highest converting leads out there.

With a nearly unlimited market potential that is not tied to specific life events, economic cycles, or other time-sensitive triggers points, final expense is a great avenue those looking for a reliable, consistent source of insurance leads.

But only if you know who to target.

Quality Final Expense Leads

Skip the frustration of unreliable and poor-converting digitally-generated leads and connect with your customers directly with a custom direct mail lead generation campaign for final expense.

Direct Mail Leads for Final Expense

Most insurance agents will tell you that the best final expense leads are found through direct mail advertisements. That is because direct mail is known for its reliable audience targeting and close connection to the most likely prospects for life insurance.

As one of the largest audiences for final expense, Baby Boomers are the most receptive to direct mail. Building a strong connection is key, as final expense requires a careful and empathetic approach. 

With less competition for attention, your mailers deliver to the people most receptive to your message, and with DK Solutions daily scanning services, you receive a daily upload of scanned images of the forms your prospects filled out within hours of them arriving at our processing facility. Only direct mail delivers forms that are filled out in the handwriting of the person who is interested in hearing more information.

And with a TargetList campaign, any response comes from a highly qualified lead. 

TargetList for Insurance Lead Generation

Finding direct mail leads for final expense is not always easy – you need to know in advance who is most likely to respond. Sending mailers to every house within a zip code may seem like a good option because the cost of postage is reduced, but the vast majority of those households are not real prospects and 50-70% of the mail is actually wasted.

Targeting by age makes sense, but it’s not enough. Most savvy agents also know there is an income component. But modeling by income is unreliable, it is often incorrect.

That’s why at DK Solutions we created a model – that is based on tens of thousands of people who have actually purchased final expense insurance – that targets based on age and income, but also dozens of other attributes such as lifestyle, behavioral and buying patterns. We then eliminated 80-90% of possible households in a given zip code, and then only target the absolute most likely people to not only respond – but also actually buy the product. 

That is the DK TargetList difference – and no one else has it. 

Only the households most similar to previous final expense purchasers will be receive your ads – guaranteeing that any response is from a qualified final expense lead who is already predisposed to being interested in the product.


All our direct mailing campaigns are priced and adjusted to fit your budget and unique needs, but one thing is constant: Our fees always include mailer production, data collection, postage, materials, and labor. You can pay either by lead or by mailers – it’s whatever works for you.

There’s no required maximum or minimum lead amount, but we recommend going bigger than smaller. The more leads or mailers you buy, the bigger the bulk we can mail, which translates to lower costs for stronger leads.

If you’re not satisfied with your leads, the good news for you is that you’re not contractually bound to us. If you’re unhappy with your results, just tell us, and you can walk away immediately without penalty.

Exclusivity Promise

Deliver ONLY to Ideal Prospects

Data – Backed TargetList Approach

DK Solutions For Final Expense Direct Mail Leads

Most final expense insurance lead companies will mail prospects nominally match what agents are looking for. But focusing on just basic characteristics such as age and income allow too many people into the target list, and are heavily based on highly inaccurate income estimates.

They also don’t take into consideration lifestyle choices, behavioral patterns and purchasing patterns. Our leads are different because we target for these attributes that are shared by people who BUY final expense insurance, not just who respond to solicitations.

At DK Solutions, our proprietary TargetList strategy is just that – a data modeling methodology designed for businesses. We study your best customers (based on their buying habits, characteristics, and responsiveness) and design our campaigns to target similar customer profiles around the country. 

And our exclusivity promise means that your leads are truly yours. 

No secret sauce, no special tricks, only a revolutionary data approach that has proven time and time again to identify the right prospects for our clients for a more efficient and profitable campaign. 

Generate New Insurance Leads

Contact us today to learn how direct mail can revolutionize your final expense campaigns.