Our History

At DK Solutions, our history began with a vision: to create a company focused on the goal of reducing waste in direct mail marketing. After years of watching companies burn through their budgets and waste 80% of their marketing efforts on uninterested prospects, we knew the industry had grown stagnant and uninspired.

DK Solutions HQ Building, Located at 1 Tower Center Blvd, East Brunswick

Joel Dickstein and Liran Kapoano have seen it all in sales and marketing. Through a combined 50+ years of experience, they have run marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes. Examples include telemarketing, digital marketing, and yes, direct mail marketing.

As co-workers for a decade, Joel and Liran executed direct mail campaigns for major home service providers managing 7 million mail ads per week that were supplemented by paid search campaigns.

Due to that experience, they saw precisely what works, what doesn’t, as well as what can be improved.

What if the power of data modeling available for paid search campaigns could be applied to direct mail marketing?

The status quo did not need to remain that way. Direct mail marketing was ripe for disruption, and Joel and Liran were ready to be at the forefront.

We devote the time, you make the money.

When we create our TargetLists based on proprietary technology, we extrapolate your customers’ data to the whole population to generate highly qualified TargetLeads.

Our method results in 2-3 times more leads on average for non-targeted mail.

In fact, DK Solutions doesn’t target every customer in the world – that’s a poor use of money and time. Our methods only select the leads with the highest potential, meaning you get tons of leads but only ones with real value.

As a result, our company receives a higher ROI and conversion rate than other marketing tactics. Especially in comparison to standard direct mail leads.

The DK Solutions Difference is all about the three E’s:

When it comes time to purchase lead lists, our proprietary approach simply cannot be matched by anything else out there. Not only did we spend six years perfecting the model, but our approach results in real customers: Our clients enjoy 2-3 times the response rate for non-targeted mail campaigns, close more sales, and end up paying less per lead when switching to DK Solutions.

Our founders have more than 50 combined years of marketing experience in nearly every sector and medium, not to mention two decades on the ground as sales agents. We know what businesses need out of their lead lists because we’ve been there ourselves and know firsthand what works and what misses the mark.

We’ll never sell your purchased lead lists to your direct competitor. Our exclusivity pledge promises to never, ever sell your unique lead list (which we call TargetList) to a competitor in your footprint. The lead list you purchase is yours, and only yours.

How purchasing lead lists works with DK Solutions

When purchasing lists from DK Solutions, you only receive leads whose behavior and buying pattern data follow in your current customers’ footsteps. Therefore increasing the chances that the targeted leads will respond. This allows our clients to close more sales while also paying less per lead overall. Here’s how the process works:

1.) Learn About Your Customers

First, we obtain data on the customers you’d like to reach. Then we clone this data and look at the past year or more of your customer’s activity.

2.) Build An Ideal Buyer Profile

Next, we look at thousands of data points and prioritize several dozen of the most important ones across demographics, buying patterns, and behavior patterns.

3.) Find Ideal Buyers

After that, our company lists every household in the U.S – yes, literally every household – and rank them in order of likelihood to buy your products or services. Our method ranks the top customers by their potential.

4.) Contact Your Leads

Finally, send out your mailer, and sit back as the qualified leads come in. Our clients enjoy 2-3 times the response rate and pay less per lead overall when they switch to DK Solutions.

Leadership at DK Solutions

Liran Kapoano, Partner and COO

Liran Kapoano, Partner and COO

Liran Kapoano has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, data analytics, and sales, both in the B2B and direct-to-consumer spaces. In addition, he executed multi-million dollar direct mail and digital marketing campaigns for home service, insurance, and senior needs companies.

His past clients include small companies as well as big names such as Verizon and DIRECTV. Liran’s data analytics expertise has resulted in many of his clients spending over 50% less for over 25% more sales.

Before co-founding DK Solutions, Liran worked with the company’s co-founder and CEO, Joel Dickstein, for 10 years. After working with each other for a decade, they realized they could do what they were doing on their own — and they could do it more efficiently, too.

Now, Liran and Joel use their DK Solutions Difference to fully execute direct mail marketing campaigns. As a result, they received response rates higher than either of them have experienced.

When Liran isn’t creating TargetLists for his clients, you can find him spending time with his wife and son or grilling vegetables and burgers. He also loves making his burgers from scratch with his own family recipe (the best you’ll ever have, he’ll guarantee it). He’s been to 49 states, and he bets you can’t guess the one state he’s never visited.

Joel Dickstein, Partner and CEO of DK Solutions

Joel Dickstein, Partner and CEO

Joel Dickstein brings nearly 40 years of sales, direct mail marketing, call center, and retail experience to DK Solutions. He spent 22 years in electronics retail sales in addition to management, then spent another 16 years managing call center and executing direct mail marketing campaigns.

During Joel’s time managing marketing teams, he met Liran Kapoano, who would eventually become his DK Solutions co-founder and the company’s COO. Together, they executed campaigns that involved mailing seven million ads per week for major home service providers, coupled by a paid search campaign.

Later on, Joel found himself mentoring Liran for 20 years, although he insists he’s learned more from Liran than vice versa. In 2015, Joel and Liran took what they’ve learned together and from each other to strike out on their own.

DK Solutions was founded as a result– and, for clients, the DK Solutions difference that results in more sales.

When Joel isn’t executing highly effective direct mail marketing campaigns, he’s spending time with his daughter Samantha, this three stepchildren (all of whom he raised), and his granddaughter Chloe. Meanwhile, he and his wife, Stacey, love traveling and have been all over the world.

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Our office is conveniently located in central New Jersey, seconds from the New Jersey Turnpike. Likewise, we are minutes from other major highways, and 45 minutes to New York City.

In addition to a friendly atmosphere, our building boasts many complementary benefits for DK Solutions employees. Enjoy a newly-renovated office space that features an exclusive fitness center in addition to multiple lounges, and a mini movie theater.

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