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Our competitive campaigns work to reach many qualified customers within your budget. Every business can benefit from adding direct mail to its marketing strategy.

Industries for Direct Mail and Lead Generation

We know that finding your ideal customer can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But you’re not stuck searching when you work with DK Solutions. Our direct mail lead generation and direct mail campaign services connect our clients with the prospects most likely to buy what they have to sell — period.

Final expense insurance lead agencies have long relied on direct mail marketing, and for good reason. The older folks likeliest to buy final expense insurance typically respond more to mail than other channels. Our proprietary TargetList methodology is the best way to identify these highly qualified leads and connect with them.

Mortgage lending continues to increase, and with this boost comes more homeowners in need of mortgage protection. Insurance agents like yourself can reach these homeowners highly effectively through direct mail lead generation. And with DK Solutions’ one-of-a-kind TargetLists, you’ll only be contacting homeowners who are more likely to be in the market for mortgage insurance.

Medicare Supplement helps tens of millions of people afford their healthcare costs after Medicare kicks in, and many of these people may need an agent’s help to switch Medigap plans. And that’s to say nothing of the millions of Medicare recipients interested in their first-ever Medigap plans. With TargetLists generated by DK Solutions, you get leads in both categories and position yourself as the insurance agent who can get them what they need.

Direct mail is a powerful tool for marketing back braces to those who have expressed interest in trying them to alleviate aches and pains. With nearly 65 million Americans reporting that they have back pain, that’s certainly a lot of leads, but you’re certainly not going to make 65 million back brace sales. With TargetLists, we create direct mailing lists that only include those most likely to follow through on your purchase, sending fewer mailers to make more money.

Whether final expense insurance, Medicare Supplement insurance, or retirement home membership, those turning 65 begin to shop for a whole new category of products. However, not all seniors know from where or how to obtain these policies from a trusted source. Using the power of DK Solutions’ proprietary lead list generation formula, you’ll get exclusive access to the leads you need.

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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

If you don’t see it here, we will build it for you. Our TargetLists can accommodate any business in any sector targeting customers throughout the United States. The possibilities are truly endless, and we can make them happen for you.

Why DK Solutions?

Most marketing companies target leads based on a few basic demographics. They often don’t tell the full story of who your customer is and why they want to buy products and services from you.

The result is low conversation rates and a lower ROI. At DK Solutions, we instead use proprietary models to determine your most qualified leads and send ads solely to them.

About DK Solutions

DK Solutions brings over 50 years of combined marketing experience to the table alongside our proprietary TargetList technology, which results in direct mail marketing lists of only the most qualified leads.

Plus, we’ll never sell you a competitor’s list or vice versa – we’ll only partner with one business in a given footprint.

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