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Lead Generation

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Why TargetLists Work

TargetLists send your direct mail marketing campaigns to the 5% to 10% of folks most likely to buy your products. Our method, developed in-house based on decades of combined experience in direct mail marketing and marketing analytics, saves you time, money, and increases your return on investment. Instead of blanket-mailing an area to find needles in a haystack, we skip over that waste and go straight to the people most likely to buy your products or services.

Our clients that switch to TargetLists yield 2-3 times the response rate and close more sales over traditional direct mail marketing. And you’ll achieve it for a price customized to what you sell and how many mailers or leads you need – no flat rates or wasted “credits” here. No more one-sits-fits-all approaches: Everything we do, we do for your company.

Since TargetList is built upon true marketing data beyond customer age or ZIP code, we build lead lists that speak to your true base. We easily and regularly re-evaluate, refine, and improve your exclusive list, so your leads get better over time. Nobody else takes this approach but DK Solutions.

How To Build Your TargetList

Far too often, when you buy a lead list for your direct mail marketing campaigns, you get a huge number of contacts but only a few responses. Only a few of those respondents follow through. Here at DK Solutions, our proprietary TargetList methodology changes lead generation for the better.

To build your TargetList, you’ll provide a list of people who have purchased from your company in the past. This helps paint a picture of what your customer buys, how they act, and who they are. The data go way beyond basic demographics, it even analyzes the type of car these customers own and the kind of pets they have. Then we use these customers’ behavioral data and buying preference and compare it to the U.S. population.

Through this method, the likely customers rise to the top, and the least likely customers don’t make the list at all.

Why DK Solutions

DK Solutions is disrupting the way direct mail marketing is done.

Our co-founders have over 50 combined years of marketing experience. In that time, they have launched and managed campaigns of every type, including telemarketing, digital marketing, and yes, direct mail.

From all that hands-on involvement, our co-founders saw what works, and importantly, what doesn’t work. That knowledge is then leveraged at DK Solutions through our TargetList methodology to solve some of marketing’s biggest problems.

Furthermore, our co-founders were sales agents for more than a decade. Through their experience spent identifying, pitching to, and closing the deal on sales, they learned what makes a good lead and how to convert them.

And finally, we understand how important exclusivity is to sales and marketing. When you choose DK Solutions, we choose only you. We’ll never sell your TargetList to another customer or to a local competitor who could take away your business.

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