Lead Generation

Lead Generation

The best lead generation companies know how to find new audiences for their clients without the unnecessary clutter of unresponsive or poor-quality prospects. That is why DK Solutions uses top lead generation tactics in our TargetList methodology.

Lead Generation Marketing

Our in-house method is based on decades of combined experience in direct mail and lead generation strategies to save you time, money, and increase your return on investment. 

By identifying the top 1-10% of potential sales leads prior to launching a campaign, your business can enjoy MORE quality leads without any additional spending.

And our exclusivity promise means that we will never try to sell you a generic, re-packaged campaign. Every customized lead list is designed for your specific business needs – and will never be sold to a competitor.

SKIP Unlikely Customers

Increase your return on investment by prioritizing responsive households – and ignoring the rest.


INCREASE Response Rates

Find more marketing leads by using a TargetList built exclusively for your company.

REFINE as You Go

Enjoy better campaign performance over time as we analyze and improve your targeted lead lists.

How We Do It

DK Solutions takes pride in offering custom lead generation services for every business we work with. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building successful campaigns – everything we do, we do for your company.

Here is how we find the best marketing leads for our TargetLists:

Learn About Your Customers

Our team identifies similar patterns and buying habits of your current customers.

Build a Unique Customer Profile

Similar characteristics assemble together to create custom customer profiles.

Find National Household Leads

Marketing profiles are used to locate similar households across the US.

Rank the Highest Quality Leads

Data-modeling techniques categorize the top 1-10% of those households for our TargetLists.

Launch Your TargetList Campaign

These premium households receive your company’s marketing mailers right at their doorstep.

Analyze Results & Refine for the Future

Every TargetList campaign adjusts to new procedures based on previous campaign performance.

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Your Local Lead Generation Specialists

Lead acquisition becomes much more effective when companies utilize data-modeling strategies prior to launching their campaigns.

That is why DK Solutions is disrupting the way direct marketing is done. 

With over 50 years of combined marketing experience, our co-founders saw what works, and most importantly, what doesn’t work.

When you partner with us, you receive not only decades of lead generation experience, but also a guarantee that the responses your campaigns receive are the most qualified for your business.

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