Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns for your Business

At DK Solutions, we provide high-quality TargetLists for every client regardless of budget or industry. Countless nationwide, regional, and local companies benefit from incorporating mail campaigns into their marketing strategies. Find out how DK Solutions can help you build your business enterprise.

Here is how mail marketing can work for your business:

  • Target Actual Residents At The Household Level
  • No Algorithms or Filtration
  • Increased Trust
  • More Marketing Touchpoints
  • Higher User Recollection

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Benefits of Direct Mail

Target Actual Residents At the Household Level

Spam and unorganized clutter are rampant in social media and email campaigns. Forgotten passwords and abandoned accounts are commonplace, and there is never always a clear indication that your list is reliable because of user input information. 

Unlike social media, direct mail delivers to a physical address.

This is a huge advantage for everyone that needs reliable customer information. It’s especially critical for companies that specialize in the home services, such as lawn care, interior home design, pest control, home alarms, tv/internet, and other home-related products and services. Not only is your company marketing directly to specific residents and homeowners, but your ads are also more likely to be seen when your audience picks up their mail.

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No Algorithms or Filtration

Digital marketers know the challenge of constantly adapting to changing algorithms and competing against bots, and it is easy for internet users to feel overwhelmed when using digital ads. E-mail marketing is especially vulnerable to these algorithms, as most email campaigns sort into promotions tabs or spam folders.

Direct mail has no such filters set in place.

Physical advertisements are sent to potential customers without machines deciding if your prospects should or should not get to see them.

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Increased Trust

Due to its low barrier of entry, all types of companies have access to social media as an advertising platform, no matter their quality or reliability. Because of the perceived risk of clicking on an unknown link, many users will choose to ignore these ads regardless of the advertised product or service would benefit them. 

Fortunately, customers are not at risk of malware when they read their mail.

MarketingSherpa reports that many customers trust a majority of the print mail they receive, making it an excellent channel to add to your marketing platform.

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More Marketing Touchpoints

As stated in its name, digital ads only exist on the internet. When customers scroll past your ad once, its lifetime journey is complete.

Physical advertisements are handled differently by customers.

It is common for individuals to keep mail advertisements to reference later. In fact, after a month, 27% of print mail is still “live” within the home. This creates several marketing touchpoints for your ad to initiate action and turn your audience into customers.

And the long tail of direct mail campaigns is legendary – we frequently see responses coming in on mail campaigns from several years prior!

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Higher User Recollection

Social media advertising in the last decade has primarily migrated to video and banner design. Nowadays, internet users are constantly bombarded with ads every time they log on to see pictures of their grandchildren or a friend’s pet. The usual result is general apathy and disinterest toward all digital ads, sometimes referred to as banner blindness.

Print mail is quite the opposite. Not only are ads less intrusive, but the physical copy helps your audience remember your message. An OIG study reports that many participants recalled print mail ads faster and more confidently than digital ones. And as any marketer knows:

A company that’s remembered often sees a better return on investment.

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DK Solutions is here for you

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There are many benefits to adding a direct mail campaign to your marketing channel. Limiting the printing and postage costs is important when planning a direct mail campaign. That is where DK Solutions can help you with your business.

At DK Solutions, we work with numerous clients across many industries. No matter your budget or company size, we ensure that you receive quality leads for your business. Our TargetList approach identifies your ideal potential audience, allowing you to spread your message for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about our company through our About page. Find out how DK Solutions can help your company’s message by contacting us through our Contact page.

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