Direct Mail: Multiple Marketing Touchpoints

Direct Mail: Multiple Marketing Touchpoints

Direct Mail: Multiple Marketing Touchpoints

When it comes to marketing, repetition and brand recognition (along with a well-refined, targeted list of prospects) are critical to getting a response.

Customers are interested in the companies that they interact with the most. These interactions are often labeled as “marketing touchpoints” as they are significant moments within the buyer’s journey.

Creating multiple touch points often results in a higher ROI as the customer is more likely to remember that business in their time of need. 

When it comes to creating multiple marketing touchpoints, direct mail dominates over all other forms of marketing. Not only does it have the longest lifespan, but it also has the furthest reach within the household itself. It is no wonder why many companies choose direct mail for their marketing, as it offers several ways to make a sale through multiple customer interactions. 

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The Longest Lifespan

Digital marketing includes several forms of online advertising intended to reach new audiences. From videos to banner ads, its presence is felt everywhere on the internet.

However, despite the flashy gimmicks, a digital ad only has one opportunity to create a meaningful impact on its audience. Once a user clicks on a different page, closes the browser, or skips a video, the ad’s lifespan is complete. 

Direct mail is unique because its journey does not finish when it arrives at a home or residence. Potential customers will often leave their mail out for other household members and return to it later.

Over the course of a few days, that mailer can create multiple touchpoints as a non-intrusive presence within the home. In fact, after a month, 27% of mail is still “live” within the household.

Customers often receive multiple chances to read and reread their mail before purchasing a product or service. Multiple touch points within the home opens more opportunities to make a sale later, even if the customer does not initially show interest. 

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Shared Within the Home

Not only is direct mail left within the home for a significant amount of time, but it is often passed around to each resident at least once after the initial viewing. The addressee will frequently display mail that they believe would interest someone else within the household. 

One JIC study reports that sharing print mail within the home occurs 1.2 times and then read 4.2 times by each inhabitant on average. This means that multiple prospects could become new leads for each mailer sent. In addition to its long lifespan, shared mailers create even more marketing touchpoints within the home. 

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Retarget the Same Prospects

One mailer may offer several marketing touchpoints for a single prospect. However, because direct mail links to a home address, your company can retarget similar advertisements at the same location.

Unlike digital ads, print mail can deliver to the same resident to encourage more interaction, even if the customer did not initially show interest in the advertisement. You can also reference previous mailings, since you know exactly who and where the ad was sent to.

Not only does your previous mailer create multiple touchpoints, but it also creates a form of brand recognition. By the time you send the second mailer, your customer may recognize your ad and engage with your company thanks to established brand recognition. 

DK Solutions is Here for Your Direct Mail Needs

While direct mail offers several marketing touchpoints, every interaction must leave a lasting impact on your intended audience. Targeting the right audience from the beginning is essential, or else your company risks wasting time and money by sending mailers out to unlikely prospects. 

When it comes to identifying a company’s ideal audience, DK Solutions is the best in the business. In addition to providing quality leads for your mail campaign, we also use data modeling for each mailing list to ensure that you only receive leads that are most likely to interact with your business. 

Contact us today to learn more about how your company can thrive in the marketing world with direct mail. We will be happy to discuss your vision and future business endeavors. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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