Direct Mail and Homeowners: The Hidden Audience

Direct Mail and Homeowners: The Hidden Audience

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Direct Mail and Homeowners: The Hidden Audience

With the homeownership rate reaching 65.5% for the fourth quarter of 2021, it’s no surprise that homeowners are one of the largest audiences in the United States. With a substantial portion of the population owning homes, many businesses use direct mail to reach them. 

Direct mail’s ability to target homeowners and other members of the household sets it apart from other marketing platforms. Not only does it deliver to a physical address, but it also offers new sales opportunities through multiple marketing touchpoints and retargeting strategies. 

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Target Residents Through Physical Addresses

When publishing an email campaign or social media post, there is not always a guarantee that the ad reaches ideal prospects. Because online accounts often change over time, an email or social media account from 5 years ago may no longer be accessible to its original owner.

Potential prospects tied to these digital accounts are often unreachable due to the nature of these sites. And anyone who has ever run a digital campaign using user-input forms knows how mistake-prone they can be.

In contrast, the destination for direct mail campaigns are physical addresses. These addresses never change, and if a prospect moves, their new address typically updates within thirty days. If your business is location-dependent, you still have potential leads when new residents occupy the old home. 

Not only are addresses kept recent, but all physical addresses inherently link to a residence. Businesses specializing within or around the home, such as lawn care, home alarms, cable, or other home services need to verify homeownership when generating new prospects. By targeting residences with direct mail, these companies can identify those that need their products or services.

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Mail Transferred Throughout the Home

When delivered to a home or residence, print mail is often passed on to other household members by the addressed recipient. Due to this observed behavior, direct mail extends further than its initial intended audience.

A UK study performed by JICMAIL noted that for each print ad opened, it was handed to other members 1.2 times and read 4.2 times by each recipient on average. 

Another notable factor is the behavior of different socioeconomic households. A USPS study reported that lower income households read more advertising mail than higher income individuals.

Through these patterns of behavior, print mail creates more marketing touchpoints within the home. Not only that, but it generates multiple touchpoints for EACH member, not just the addressed recipient. With a further reach over its lifetime, direct mail grants more opportunities to close a sale even after the initial viewing. 

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Retargeting Opportunities

The possibilities for direct mail are not limited to one prospect at a time; mail can also retarget to similar audiences after a completed service.

When you close a sale at one household, your business can now target similar audiences within the direct vicinity. If you retarget your ads correctly, not only will you have a loyal customer, but also an advocate for your business. 

This strategy is only possible through direct mail, as digital advertising does not reliably access this type of information. 

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How DK Solutions Helps Your Business

Targeting the correct households within the U.S. is a substantial task. Not only must you collect data from every state, but you would need to match each of them with their likelihood to engage in your business. Without the right strategy, your campaign can become costly and overcomplicated. 

That’s where DK Solutions can help.

Our TargetList methodology gathers data from every U.S. household and compares it to similar data points from your current customers to determine behavioral patterns and buying preferences. Using this strategy creates smaller but more effective mailing lists for your company.

Not only are costs reduced by cutting out unlikely prospects, but our clients generally receive 2-3 times the response rate for non-targeted mail and close more sales overall. 

Contact us today and learn more about how you can enhance your marketing efforts with direct mail. We will gladly discuss how your company can benefit from our TargetLists regardless of industry or marketing budget. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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