The Emotional IMPACT of Direct Mail Marketing

The Emotional IMPACT of Direct Mail Marketing

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The Emotional IMPACT of Direct Mail Marketing

Logic dictates that customers will support businesses and products they feel a strong emotional connection to. Marketing to these individuals requires not only a positive first impression, but also a lasting memory of your business.

Due to its physical presence and personal appeal, direct mail creates the desired emotional impact on its target audience. As both emotions and feelings inspire action, direct mail is the key to evoke a substantial response with one’s audience. 

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People Feel Valued Upon Receiving Addressed Mail

While digital mail ads may appear indiscriminately, addressed mail seems more intentional and personal. A Royal Mail/MarketReach study discovered that 70% of survey respondents felt valued when receiving their mail. 

This personalization may be why 70% of surveyed participants also felt that physical ads created a better outlook on the company or product. While individualistic in nature, addressed mail often serves as a company’s first impression to its audience. 

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Creates a Higher Perceived Value & Desirability

In 2015, an OIG analysis used a series of neuromarketing tools to study the effect of advertisements on brain activity. Using various methods of eye tracking, core biometrics, and brain sensors, OIG could observe the physical reactions of participants during the trial. 

While both forms of advertising had their benefits, physical ads outperformed digital ads on review time, engagement, and brain stimulation among individuals. Results revealed that participants subconsciously assigned a higher value and desire for products and services presented to them in physical ads. 

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People Remember and Recall 

People are much more likely to convert to customers when they remember your company or product in their time of need. For a customer to successfully recall your business, they need to receive a clear and impactful first impression when they encounter your marketing channels.

The previously mentioned OIG study found that physical ads do create a lasting memory on their audience. After a week of initial viewing, participants could still remember physical ads to a far greater accuracy and confidence than other forms of media.

In addition, a Canada Post study noted that print mail stimulated a 29% higher brand recall than digital advertising. If a company wants to create a lasting impression, direct mail is the answer to their marketing needs. 

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Build Your Campaign with DK Solutions

Leaving a lasting positive impact on your audience begins with direct mail marketing. Mail marketing creates an emotional connection and leaves your potential customers feeling valued, increasing the opportunity for a future sale. 

Direct mail campaigns are often associated with high costs and challenges, and with good reason. Not only is there print and postage costs to consider, but reaching the correct audience is also a monumental task itself. 

That is Where DK Solutions Can Help. 

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Our TargetList methodology has helped many businesses reach their intended audiences without the heavy burden of high costs due to uninterested households.

We target those most likely to convert to a sale for your business thereby saving you and your business money. 

Interested in marketing your business with direct mail? Want to learn more about our optimal strategies to deliver you quality leads? Contact us today or visit our blog for more information about direct mail marketing. 

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