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DK Solutions generates better targeted leads for less money to help companies close more sales.

At DK Solutions, we’ve spent years developing, refining, and perfecting TargetList, a data modeling system that fine-tunes direct mailing lists by cutting the clutter and generate quality targeted leads way more likely to convert than the average list. As a result:

Our clients enjoy 2-3 times the response rate, close more sales, and end up paying less per lead when switching to DK Solutions.

Our data modeling tools compare your customer base’s buying preferences and behaviors to every American household. We prioritize dozens of proven and tested factors in our process to build you an exclusive list of likely customers. The result is still a large lead list, but the difference is that you get more than potential leads – you get serious prospects instead. No more mailing by ZIP code or simply by a certain demographic: Build a lead list that has a way greater chance of boosting your bottom line.

Advanced targeted lead list generation is the most efficient way to ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign is reaching an audience most likely to buy your products or services. We developed our TargetList technology based on our own experience in the field. We bring more than 50 years of marketing experience and 20 years of sales agent work to the table, so we know what works and what simply won’t get the job done.

Our TargetList technology can help any company that needs fine-tuned, high-quality direct mail leads. However, we offer specialty knowledge, service, and experience in several industries, including:

  • Final expense insurance
  • Mortgage protection insurance
  • Medicare supplement insurance
  • Senior needs
  • Hearing aid companies
  • Audiology practices

Direct Mail Marketing Leads Services

Final expense insurance agents swear by direct mail marketing as their top lead management and generation strategy. But with so many other final expense insurance companies grabbing for a share of this business, why blindly market to a list of seniors that are getting mailers from dozens of other companies? A unique list that’s only owned by you helps reach more likely customers, faster.

Mortgage lending is at an all-time high, and many U.S. states require anyone with a mortgage to insure their loan. That’s a lot of potential customers to contact, but it’s not easy to know that the homeowners you’re targeting are actually your ideal customers. With DK Solutions’ proprietary TargetList process, you’ll never have to ask that question again.

Tens of millions of people who receive Medicare use Medicare Supplement insurance to lower their healthcare costs. Some of these people may be looking to switch from one Medigap plan to any of the other nine. Other people who receive Medicare might not yet understand how Medicare Supplement can boost their coverage. At DK Solutions, our direct mail marketing campaigns identify these potential leads (called TargetLeads) and bring them right to you.

Older people who engage with mail comprise a large portion of the population with hearing loss. That’s why direct mail marketing is so powerful for hearing aid companies and audiology practices, but it can become ineffective if you blanket a neighborhood with mailers. Let us do the work: We’ll generate targeted leads that are up to three times more likely to respond to your ads.

From back braces to retirement communities to some of the insurance needs listed here,, those turning 65 have all kinds of needs. That said, not every senior will be interested in Medigap or hearing aids. With our technology, we extrapolate your current customers’ data to the entire population to identify seniors who actually need what you sell. 

Need something truly unique? We can do that, too. Our proprietary technology can work for any industry in the United States that needs to reach an attentive, engaged, and interested audience.

Our DK Solutions Exclusivity Promise

At DK Solutions, we guarantee that each lead list is yours, and only yours. As a result, we will never sell your list to a direct competitor.

Unlike other direct mail marketing companies that will happily sell the same list to multiple businesses in the same industry, we ensure from the get-go that the work we do for you will never be seen by your direct competitors.

The DK Solutions Difference

Although other direct mail leads put together lists based on generic statistics, like age or ZIP code, they don’t truly reflect your customer’s wants, needs, likes, or dislikes.

How can you reach likely customers via the mail without wasting time and money sending mailers to people who would never respond?

The answer didn’t exist — so we created it.

With our TargetLists, we build a unique list that’s based on the demographics of customers who you already know purchase your products or services.

Therefore you don’t need to blanket a gigantic audience to generate more targeted leads: You can trim the fat and as a result get straight to the point.


Reach an audience more likely to respond to your mailer. Pay by lead or by mailer.


Send your mailers only to people whose interest is backed by data. Likewise, see response rates 2-3 times higher and pay less per lead overall.

Why direct mail?

At DK Solutions, our direct mail marketing strategies have connected insurance agents, hearing aid manufacturers, as well as many other verticals with valuable leads time and again. Here’s why it works:


Take advantage of increasing homeownership among young people with ads that reach their mailboxes.

No Bots Allowed

Remove the mask of internet outreach. Direct mail marketing shows people exactly who you are – no bots around.

Beat the Algorithm

Or, more accurately, eliminate it. With direct mail marketing, there isn’t one.

The Gold Standard

What do final expense, Medigap, and mortgage protection all have in common? Agents who name direct mail marketing as their most effective marketing approach.

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