High-Converting Pest Control Leads with Direct Mail Marketing

High-Converting Pest Control Leads with Direct Mail Marketing

High-Converting Pest Control Leads with Direct Mail Marketing

The global pest control market is projected to reach $29.1 billion by 2026, with the current market size in the US valued at $22.7 billion. Despite being an essential service for nearly every American house, most new homeowners do not research these services before an infestation discovery. 

Unless a pest can be quickly eradicated with store-bought traps or equipment, most people will seek out professional help. If the pest becomes a reoccurring issue, many households will hire year-round care to protect their residence. 

Just like with plumbing or electrical concerns, ignoring a significant problem will only lead to a more expensive outcome in the future. This is why most people will prioritize pest control services and preventative care in comparison to other more luxury-based consumer services. 

Direct Mail for Pest Control Leads

Direct mail is an excellent platform for pest control companies looking to expand their lead generation portfolio. There is plenty of opportunity to create a significant impact by targeting the right prospects and avoiding burdensome costs. 

1.) Target New Homeowners and Their Neighbors

Before someone moves into a new home, finding their local pest control company is often not a high priority unless an infestation is uncovered during the home inspection process.

If a home inspection does not unveil any issues, homeowners do not immediately look for preventative measures like a pest inspection until they have settled down. But if there is an infestation present – new homeowners will encounter it within a few weeks of moving in.

A sample mailer of a pest control ad. The mailer displays a large ant on top of a house, with a marketing offer to the left of the image.

Targeting these new homeowners during their initial move-in stage is a great way to introduce your company and plant the seeds for future customers.

Once an issue is made known to a resident, your business has already cemented itself within their memory long before their time of need. 

In addition, successfully treated infestations act as excellent opportunities for referrals and word-of-mouth leads, adding to the value of leads and sales. And chances are, if one house has a mouse problem, their neighbors are at least at-risk, if not dealing with their own issues already.

2.) Targeted Mailers Based on Location

Depending on the most common types of pests in an area, your mailer can create a stronger impact if they address the exact type of pests a prospect may be struggling with. Different areas and climates invite a diversity of critters within the home, and having a targeted message may be the key to closing that sale. 

A Sample Mailer displaying an ad for ant pest control

The types of pests found in warm, tropical climates are not often the same type of pests seen in colder, dry climates – although certain pests can thrive in both.

So while a generic pest control mailer may work, mentioning a specific type of invasive species may catch a homeowner’s attention and incentivize them to contact you – especially when paired with a tempting offer. 

Location targeting does not have to be as broad as on a state-by-state basis. Regions that differ in human population – such as suburbs or cities – often see a different range of pests based on their dependence on humans or ability to spread. 

Big cities like NYC create perfect territories for insects like bedbugs to spread from one location to another.

A mailer advertising exterminating services. The types of pests include termites, mice, and cockroaches.

But the same cannot be said for sparser areas, as the further spread out the human population is, the harder it is for a bedbug to travel from house to house. 

3.) Targeting Different Types of Houses

Houses with basements or attics are more susceptible to all kinds of pests. Especially if a homeowner does not frequent these areas of their residence. 

Targeting audiences based on home features is one thing, but you can also vary your approach based on house size.

Bigger houses with more doors or windows create more unseen entry points for critters to go unnoticed for far longer than smaller houses. They also tend to be more profitable for pest control companies to target at as well.

Wealthier areas may also see a broader range of pests, as socioeconomics could play a role in species diversity.

This phenomenon, called the “luxury effect” noted that houses in higher-income neighborhoods host higher arthropod diversity. 

4. ) Don’t Be A Pest

People who are overrun with pests do not want more. Frequent calls, unsolicited emails, or targeted Facebook ads add up over time, leading to online ad avoidance or “banner blindness”. 

Unlike marketing calls or emails, direct mail is often perceived as an unintrusive method of contact. Recipients are free to read their mail at their leisure and can decide if and when to contact you. 

Offering these clear boundaries with prospects makes them much more receptive to your business without spamming their online feed for a response. And because direct mail offers multiple touchpoints per piece, your mailers will work for you far longer than any digital marketing channel could. 

5.) Timing Based on Time of Year

Certain types of pests (like mosquitos) are only prevalent during particular times of the year in some parts of the United States.

A new homeowner in New Jersey who moves in during the Winter or Fall may not be thinking much about mosquitoes… but the first time they fire up their grill in June and go inside with a dozen bites – you can be sure pest control will be on their mind!

For seasonal pests, implementing a brand awareness campaign BEFORE the infestation is made apparent can help introduce and subsequently target future prospects.

If they receive your information long before they recognize their need for extermination services, they are much more inclined to contact your company rather than seek one out themselves. 

Pest Control Leads with DK Solutions

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Finding the leads you need for your business has never been easier with DK Solutions.

Our TargetList methodology helps identify your company’s ideal audience without unnecessary guesswork or bulky costs. 

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