Home Remodeling: Build Your Business with Direct Mail

Home Remodeling: Build Your Business with Direct Mail

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Home Remodeling: Build Your Business With Direct Mail

Home remodeling requires a lot of intensive research and financial planning for a homeowner. Not only is it a costly project, but home remodeling often involves an emotional burden as well. 

How does one market themselves to these individuals? The answer: Direct mail.

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1.) Target NEW Homeowners 

Every mailer is delivered to a physical residence associated with at least one homeowner. However, direct mail also can target NEW homeowners by tracking their mortgages. 

This is an excellent way to optimize your campaign, as new homeowners are much more likely to plan renovations than homeowners that have been in the same residence for 20 years. And with thousands of new mortgages every day throughout the country, your company will have an endless flow of prospects to market to for every campaign.

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2.) Connect with your Ideal Customers

Not only does direct mail target new homeowners, but it can also track the value of a property to estimate yearly income. This can provide a range of prospects that have enough disposable income for large home renovation projects. 

Thanks to direct mail, your campaigns will always remain relevant by targeting only those within your specified customer profile. 

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3.) Engage with your Audience 

Remodeling a home is a difficult task and creates a lot of emotional turmoil for those that inhabit it. Your target audience needs to be assured that your services will provide them with quality care and assistance throughout the entire process. Direct mail offers this form of reassurance as many individuals trust direct mail and have a better outlook on a company through these advertising campaigns.   

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DK Solutions for Your Direct Mail Needs

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Direct mail campaigns, while profitable, are often higher risk than other forms of advertising.

There needs to be a carefully crafted address list, otherwise your mail advertising is wasted on uninterested prospects.  

For direct mail campaigns, DK Solutions is the answer. Our TargetList methodology studies your current client base and matches with similar individuals nationwide. Thanks to this strategy, we have kept costs low while outperforming sales for our clients. ‘

Start your direct mail campaign with DK Solutions today, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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