The Omnichannel Approach to Direct Mail Retargeting

The Omnichannel Approach to Direct Mail Retargeting

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The Omnichannel Approach to Direct Mail Retargeting

Retargeting is the act of re-connecting with previous customers through marketing and sales channels to increase the likelihood of another purchase in the future. 

With so many marketing mediums to choose from, companies have free reign to rekindle a relationship with previous customers. But how does each method compare? 

There is no simple retargeting formula that guarantees maximum success and profit, especially considering the diverse avenues of marketing in the modern era and the many companies that utilize several channels at once.

When deciding on an optimal retargeting strategy, it is in a marketer’s best interest to experiment with several mediums to see which ones leaves the best impact on their desired audience. 

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Examples of Retargeting

When a customer visits a physical store to make a purchase, they are often encouraged to provide a name, email, address, or phone number for promotional offers. Once a customer provides their contact information, any email, SMS, or direct mail sent to that customer would be considered a form of retargeting. 

The same principles of retargeting have also translated into the digital realm of marketing. When a customer makes a purchase off a website, that company will try to encourage future sales through display, email, and banner ads (although traditional methods such as direct mail or catalog marketing would still apply to online purchases). 

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What Does Retargeting Do?

While retargeting campaigns offer countless benefits, seasoned marketers understand the value of repeat customers on campaign ROI. Because previous customers have already interacted with a business, a retargeting campaign will offer additional marketing touchpoints to encourage future purchases. 

People feel valued when companies remember them. By re-contacting these individuals with custom messages and offers, customers become more inclined to visit your store or website in the future rather than a competitor’s. 

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Omnichannel Approach to Direct Mail Retargeting

Many companies can become caught up in deciding the best method of retargeting to improve their campaigns. While some elect to use the same media, many choose to combine alternative channels for maximum proficiency. This mixed media campaign targets the same customers with the same message across several different formats (often called “omnichannel marketing”). 

  • Direct Mail & Display Ads

One CANADA POST study found a 39% increase in view time and 10% higher brand recall when integrating direct mail with digital ad campaigns (compared to only single-media digital campaigns). Of all the integrations studied, display ads found the most change in view time (186% increase) when they included direct mail. 

Not only is there a longer viewing time, but participants also showed up to 26% more emotional intensity when including direct mail to display-only campaigns. 

  • Direct Mail and Email Marketing

Direct mail integration also works well with a structured email campaign. A ROYAL MAIL RESEARCH REPORT noted that when marketers included direct mail to their email campaign, 13% more customers visited the sender’s website, 21% more made purchases, and 35% more redeemed coupons or vouchers. 

Since direct mail is often used to combat email fatigue, an organized campaign involving both channels is a great way to grab customers’ attention in a non-intrusive way and motivate them to make a purchase either online or in-person. 

  • Direct Mail and Other Marketing Channels

One of the unique advantages of direct mail is its ability to integrate with most (if not all) other forms of traditional and digital marketing. Because direct mail is highly motivating and personal, it can essentially integrate with any campaign.

It’s especially beneficial when paired with digital channels, as direct mail’s longer lifespan offers several marketing touchpoint opportunities with each campaign. 


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Direct mail maintains its legacy as the gold standard of marketing due to its countless benefits for companies and campaigns alike.

Its personalized, impactful messages are how it remains a powerful tool to reconnect with customers. 

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