Informed Delivery | What Businesses & Customers Need to Know

Informed Delivery | What Businesses & Customers Need to Know

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Informed Delivery | What Businesses & Customers Need to Know

While its fundamentals have not changed, direct mail is an ever-evolving marketing platform that discovers new and exciting ways to connect with audiences.

Whether through guerrilla marketing or unique targeting techniques such as data modeling, this advertising medium has changed significantly throughout the millennia.

Since its humble beginnings in 1775, the USPS remains one of America’s most dependable services in everyday life. From packages to letters, this agency remains a stronghold for our daily mail process.

With such stable backing for over two centuries, USPS continually looks for new ways to improve its efficiency and mail volume.

Some notable examples include introducing an app in 2009, Every Door Direct Mail in 2011, and deploying over 66,000 electric vehicles by 2028.

It was only a matter of time before USPS delivered your physical mail straight into your inbox.

Thanks to the power of Informed Delivery, customers can view their mail from their devices, and businesses have another marketing touchpoint available through direct mail.

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What is Informed Delivery?

While this powerhouse changes how customers and businesses think about mail, the actual setup process is quite simple.

Users can sign up through the USPS website, and once their address and identity are verified, they can view all their scanned mail pieces through daily email updates.

These emails let users preview a scanned black-and-white mail piece before receiving it in their physical mailbox.

While the system has easy implementation on the user end, past development for this system took several years before nationwide expansion.

This program is available to all residents and businesses with an address or PO box within an eligible ZIP code. Users must be able to verify their identity online to ensure the security and privacy of their mail. 

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How Does Informed Delivery Help Customers?

Informed Delivery acts as a virtual mailbox, where every mail piece a person receives is physically scanned, sent, and contained within their email account for future reference.

This process offers people more flexibility with their mail, as they can now know what mail they are getting later that day.

This service also provides tracking information, scheduling options, and digital signatures from a resident’s phone. If a recipient is away or otherwise unable to get to their mailbox, they can still view any mail they received for that day.

It is also beneficial for those expecting an important letter or package, as they will be notified and alert for their delivery later that afternoon. 

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How Does It Help Businesses?

Besides the recipient benefits listed above, businesses also have an advantage with direct mail when they include Informed Delivery in their marketing strategy.

To promote their service, USPS is “offering a 4% postage discount on all mailings accompanied by Informed Delivery Campaigns” until December 2023.

While the current promotion is enticing, Informed Delivery also has long-lasting benefits that should not be overlooked. Having a virtual mailbox for prospects means an additional marketing touchpoint through their email.

Now prospects can view your advertising twice, once when they see it in their inbox and again when they visit their physical mailbox.

Furthermore, Informed Delivery allows businesses to provide an additional offer within a recipient’s inbox. Not only will your customer receive your campaign mailer before delivery, but they also have another call to action at their disposal.

This gives customers more options to connect and lets them respond immediately – instead of waiting for their mailer to arrive. 

Informed Delivery with DK Solutions

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As a direct mail company, DK Solutions recognizes this incredible opportunity that Informed Delivery offers to US residents.

That is why our company offers this service to our clients across all industries to increase their campaign sales and ROI. 

Start your direct mail campaign today with DK Solutions. Contact us today or visit our blog for more information on our company and the direct mail industry. 

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