Generate Nationwide Final Expense Leads with Direct Mail

Generate Nationwide Final Expense Leads with Direct Mail

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Generate Nationwide Final Expense Leads with Direct Mail

Final Expense Insurance can be a challenging service to generate leads for. Your content must be personal when discussing such a sensitive topic with your prospects. When it comes to final expense, direct mail has been considered the gold-standard for decades – for good reason.

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Consider the Audience

Because clients rarely impulse buy their insurance, it is essential that your company builds a strong connection with them over time. In this regard, direct mail is a perfect way to advertise to prospects. 

By remaining within the home, direct mail provides multiple touchpoints throughout its lifetime. Each time your addressee reads the flyer or passes it to someone else within the residence, your mailer is read more frequently while your audience discerns their need for your services. 

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Less Skepticism 

Online ads may repel individuals from providing their personal information. This is also very common with telemarketing calls, as the threat of scam calls could discourage prospects from providing their private information over the phone. 

Final expense prospects are much more likely to respond when they believe the marketing channel is a secure process. Direct mail offers this assurance to customers, especially when they use a return envelope. It is also helpful for older audiences that may be more tech-averse than younger generations.

And maybe most critically – you are guaranteed to have the correct address for the lead. Someone at that address responded so it’s virtually impossible that there would be a mistake in the information!

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Allow Customers to Respond to YOU First

By completing and submitting a physical form, your potential lead signals their interest for final expense insurance. Creating this non-intrusive method of contact increases the likelihood of turning a prospect into a lead because they are given the opportunity to respond.

Due to this freedom of choice, your potential lead is much more inclined to provide their information over the phone to an insurance agent after submitting their application. 

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Start Your Direct Mail Campaign with DK Solutions

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Starting a direct mail campaign is no small feat for a small business. There are many factors that could result in either success or failure. How does one begin creating and delivering mail campaigns while remaining on budget?

Fortunately, DK Solutions is here to help.

Our TargetList methodology tracks and identifies quality customers most likely to buy from your business, saving you time and money. Our business has helped our clients see 2-3 times the response rate for non-targeted mail. 

Contact us today to begin your direct mail journey. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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