Advertising Through the Millennial Lens

Advertising Through the Millennial Lens

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Advertising Through the Millennial Lens

Millennials are certainly creating monumental changes in the economy. As the largest living adult generation and with a consumer spending power of an estimated $1 trillion, millennials have become one of the largest powerhouses in modern US history. 

Each new generation develops unique values and beliefs that flow into their spending habits. Millennials are no exception. As marketers, it is important to identify what forms of advertisements grab their attention and keeps them interested in your message.

But how can a company easily reach this demographic while remaining authentic and unique? 

While it is true that millennials spend a lot of time online, they often ignore the video and banner ads. With the high frequency and low trust associated with online advertisement, many resolve to never click on them. 

What form of advertising grabs millennials’ attention and keeps them loyal to a brand? 

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Millennials Pay Attention

Whether for entertainment or socializing purposes, millennials are always tuned in to their devices. One would assume that reaching this generation through digital advertisements would work; however, that is not always the case. A reported 49% of millennials ignore internet ads, and 48% ignore promotional emails. 

In contrast, direct mail keeps and holds millennials’ attention. A reported 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising. Contrary to a lot of ‘conventional wisdom’ in marketing, Millennials actually interact MORE with direct mail than other adults. Millennials spend an average of 9.2 minutes to sort their mail, while Gen X (7.5 minutes) and Baby Boomers (8.6 minutes) do not. While sorting, 36% of millennials read their direct mail in its entirety. 

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Millennials Trust Direct Mail (And Value Authenticity) 

Any advertisement requires some level of trust from the intended customer. They must feel confident in your company and believe that you will deliver consistent quality. For Millennials, not only is trust essential, but also  company transparency and authenticity. 

Historically, direct mail achieves this. In fact, 90% of millennials think direct mail is a reliable form of advertisement. If brand recognition and loyalty are important within your marketing framework, direct mail is the solution. Nearly 70% of millennials have a better impression of a company that sends out relevant marketing mail. 

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Trends in Millennial Marketing

As previously stated, Millennials value authenticity and company transparency. This line of thinking is further proven as many Millennials believe that brands have a responsibility to the planet and community, as ¾ say that they actively seek out companies that support causes and charities that they believe in

In short, there are many unique characteristics in Millennial marketing that one must consider when building a campaign. Appealing to their values is the first step to creating a sustainable customer relationship. Keeping your message concise and free of jargon are easy methods to gain their favor. Millennials can easily recognize when a company puts effort into advertising and respond accordingly. 

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Trends come and go, and each emerging generation creates new opportunities for companies to grow and change. While appealing to certain characteristics may help in the short term, building your brand and message should always take the highest priority. 

At DK Solutions, we help your business deliver your message directly to the customer. With our TargetList methodology, we ensure that your message reaches high quality prospects. Our business is always open to clients who are interested in growing their marketing framework and we are happy to help you every step of the way. 

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