Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Why digital marketing for hearing aids?

Millions of people, from those 65+ down to the youngest generation, head to a smartphone or laptop to search for medical providers convenient to them. But that’s only one touchpoint you’ll need to break through the noise and convince your customers to visit your practice over one down the road.

Digital marketing covers many touch points, including local online media, blogging, a great website, as well as social media, to find customers wherever they hang out.

The DK Solutions Hearing Aid Marketing Approach

When we work with hearing aid companies, we combine the following approaches into one robust digital marketing package:

Content Writing & Marketing

First, we’ll write blogs pertinent to heavily searched phrases or medical awareness events. Then, we’ll get your content to the readers it might interest the most. Our content is always original to encourage more readership.

Website Design & Development

Most people will stay on your website for less than 15 seconds. For this reason, we’ll design and develop a lightning-fast and fully optimized website that looks great on smartphones and computers alike.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When we develop websites and create content, we always use relevant search terms and adhere to the best SEO practices. This way, your web pages and blog posts encourage organic traffic by ranking higher on the search engine page.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Big announcement coming up? Offering a new hearing aid? Hired a new audiologist? Let us get your latest development to news desks. We’ll draft press releases detailing your developments and deliver them to all the right inboxes.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Almost half of social media users have clicked on an ad that appears in their feeds. When you work with us at DK Solutions, your hearing aid or audiology company can be that ad. Our ads target social media users who are most likely to need hearing aids or audiology services.

Google My Business Management

Google My Business offers up to date information about your practice right at the top of the browser. We’ll claim and complete your Google My Business profile and make any adjustments needed down the line so potential customers have what they need to consider your business.


Create a combined approach that incorporates the benefits of both digital marketing and direct mail. Enjoy the advantages of print mail, SEO social media & e-mail coupled with our experience to meet your marketing needs all in one place. Our customers close more sales and pay less per lead as a result when switching to DK Solutions.

Why direct leads for hearing aids?

Baby boomers are more engaged with physical mail than any other age group. Since one in four people over age 65 experiences hearing loss your hearing aid company or audiology practice is a perfect fit for direct mail.

A mailer advertising your hearing aids or hearing exams might be just what some older folks in your area have been looking for all along.

Why are our hearing aid marketing leads different?

More Leads

Often, hearing aid lists contain such a large number of leads that only so many people on them will ultimately become customers.

At DK Solutions, we use our proprietary TargetList technology to provide lists that, though smaller, result in more customers.

That means fewer leads to pay for, but more sales overall.

Relevant Leads

Through our TargetList model, we extrapolate your current customers’ purchase patterns to every American household.

First we compare your customers to every U.S. consumer along several dozen key data points, and then only market to the households with a high amount of overlap make our TargetLists.

We get you plenty of TargetLeads, but only ones likely to convert.

Exclusive Leads

Our TargetList technology yields higher ROI and conversion rates than other lead generation approaches as a result. It also does so only for you.

Not only will your company receive exclusive lists catered to your needs, but as our client, we will not work with your industry competitors.

Once we’ve generated leads for you, we’ll never sell them to any of your competitors.

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Hearing Aid Marketing with DK Solutions

At DK Solutions, we build customized pricing plans for each client. Our fees include postage, production, data, materials, and labor, and our pricing is based on your product and how many leads or mailers you request. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches – every company is unique, and when we adapt to your needs, everyone wins.

We don’t require you to buy a maximum or minimum number of leads, though volume is always your friend. When you buy more leads or mailers, we can more easily mail them in bulk, which costs us less – and gets you more sales.

We’ll never force you into agreements that don’t work for you. If you’re unhappy with your leads or response rates, you can stop working with us at any time without penalty.

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