How We Build Our TargetLists

How We Build Our TargetLists

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How We Build Our TargetLists

Local or nationwide – all companies benefit by incorporating direct mail into their marketing framework. Unfortunately, many businesses mishandle this advertising channel by implementing poor campaign strategies, resulting in high postage costs and wasted mailers. 

As a competitor to direct mail, digital marketing tempts businesses to focus on their online presence and website SEO. This abandonment of traditional marketing methods misleads new entrepreneurs into thinking that direct mail is no longer a viable marketing strategy in the 21st century. 

However – this is far from the truth.

In fact, direct mail is still highly relevant today as each new generation spends more time sorting through their mail. Even so, companies hesitate to launch a direct mail campaign in fear of overspending their marketing budget on uninterested prospects. 

At DK Solutions, our team recognizes the value of direct mail as a powerful marketing channel. That is why we developed the TargetList methodology to remedy some of direct mail’s more frequent complaints caused by lack of planning or overspending. 

When we build our TargetLists for clients, we take special care to deliver only quality direct mail leads. By targeting only those most relevant to our client’s business, we eliminate a substantial portion of mail waste – lowering costs without sacrificing sales leads. 

Here’s how we do it.

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1.) Learn About Your Current Customers

The first step to the TargetList process is to gather data on your current customers and households. Current customers can include any individual or household that has responded well or engaged with your business within the past year. 

Most audiences organize into similar groups based on various characteristics, including age, location, and buying behaviors. This data is vital – as it is the foundation to help us understand which households are currently interacting with your product or services.

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2.) Build a Unique Customer Profile

From this gathered data, we use data-modeling tools to build your business’ ideal customer profile. This profile is the backbone for your TargetList prospects, as it is a culmination of responsive customers based on different identifiable characteristics. These profiles can be simple or highly complex based on your needs and desired audience. 

Every company is unique, so each buyer profile we create is also exclusive to each of our clients. Unlike other companies that may repackage the same type of profiles and lists for similar industries, we take special care to ensure that our TargetLists are custom to you and your business.

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3.) Finding Ideal Buyers

Once these buyer profiles are complete, we begin searching across every address in the US to identify similar households. When we find these new prospects, they get ranked based on their likeliness to interact with your business. These individuals are shown to fit within the buyer profile AND show a high potential of responding to a marketing campaign. 

But ranking quality prospects by their buying potential and similar characteristics is not enough. Our TargetLists go beyond this, and solely focuses on the top 10% of these prospects. By creating smaller – but more targeted – lists, we can ensure that your campaigns will receive a constant flow of relevant leads while reducing unnecessary costs. 

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4.) Contact Your Prospects

When our TargetLists identify these top 10% of valuable leads, the direct mail campaign is ready to launch. Our company uses mailing logistics to perfectly time each campaign to increase the chances of a response. 

But the direct mail journey does not end here. When your campaign receives responses, we gather this data for our final step in the TargetList process.

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5.) Refine as Needed

It is not enough that we build quality TargetLists for our clients; at DK Solutions, we constantly refine our mailing lists with each campaign. Because of this, we can certify that every new TargetList campaign is better than the last. 

By making these constant adjustments to each mailing list, our TargetLists only improve after each launch so that your company can enjoy new relevant direct mail leads every week. 


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Starting a new campaign can be complicated if one does not have the tools or experience with direct mail. There are many factors to consider, such as shipping costs, timing campaign drops – even data analysis. Many third-party companies also rely on outdated data or generic mailing lists, resulting in very few relevant prospects. 

At DK Solutions, our team works hard to deliver only the most responsive and relevant leads for your business. Our TargetList methodology allows us to cut costs without sacrificing sales leads to improve your marketing ROI. 

Want to learn more about direct mail? Interested in starting your own campaign? Contact us today to learn more about how TargetList can help your company, or visit our blog for more information on the direct mail industry. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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