Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection

Why are our mortgage protection leads different?

Most mortgage protection lead companies offer lead lists so huge they veer on meaningless.

Surely, not nearly every one of these leads will actually be interested in your products — that’s not true of any marketing list. Nevertheless, a base list of “every American homeowner” means that way too many of your mailers — and the money spent on them — will end up in the trash.

We work differently at DK Solutions. We only provide lists full of highly valuable leads via our proprietary TargetList approach.

This method first begins when we compare your current customer base to each and every household in the U.S. Then we see which of these households line up with several dozen key data points shared among your current customers. Finally, the households with the strongest alignment join your lead list. No one else does.

As a result, when we sell you lead lists, you can be nearly certain your efforts will yield a high ROI.

You can also be 100% certain that your leads are yours and yours alone. We won’t work with you if we already work with one of your competitors, and in addition, we’ll never sell your leads to other businesses in your footprint.

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