5 Ways Direct Mail Maximizes Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

5 Ways Direct Mail Maximizes Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

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 5 Ways Direct Mail Maximizes Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

As the end of the year approaches, many retail and charity organizations have begun planning their marketing strategy for the holidays.

While most stores are prepping for Black Friday and Christmas events, nonprofits are also gearing up for annual fundraising campaigns.

According to Nonprofits Source, 30% of annual giving occurs in December. Most likely due to the holidays inspiring the average person to donate to the less fortunate. While timing is essential to overall campaign success, the marketing medium also plays a role.

The challenge is finding balance between marketing spending and delivering your message to the right people.

That is why direct mail is one of the top forms of advertisement during the holidays.

Why is that? Because direct mail offers multiple methods of donation and showcases your charity and message in an impactful way. Not only that, but direct mail is an unintrusive and trustworthy medium that helps build a reliable donor base over time. 

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1.) More Methods of Donation

While emails and online videos only offer one or two donation methods – in the form of online payment – direct mail has a plethora of donation methods for donors to choose from. 

The colloquial phrase “Cash is King” in a business context often notes that businesses with more reserves are more likely to handle short-term expenses or downturns.

For charities, cash from donors can help run a sustainable operation for future projects and manage operation expenses. 

 In the fundraising sense, donating methods are different depending on the donor. Some may prefer to send physical cash or checks through a return envelope, while others donate through a credit card.

Because direct mail comes in all shapes and sizes, your fundraising campaign can offer a multitude of methods suitable for each person.

No matter the preference, a successful fundraiser should provide as many channels as possible to see the best return on their investment. 

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2.) Showcase Your Story

Every nonprofit has a message or notable cause to inspire change within their community. This story helps people understand what an organization is working towards and why they need monetary support.

Showcasing your story to others unfamiliar with your cause is an excellent way to inspire others to contribute to your fundraiser.

Unlike video ads that donors can otherwise skip or ignore, direct mail offers several ways to promote your unique charity.

For example, one charity sent stickers to prospective donors to show their impact on the local community. 

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3.) Less Intrusive

Many people are familiar with the ASPCA’s “In the Arms of An Angel” commercial to the point of parody. It’s a clear example that that even the most moving and earnest commercials can become overbearing and intrusive over time.

The same can be said for most advertising if it becomes too repetitive, especially if it blocks other online content through pop-ups or display ads.

However, the same cannot be said for direct mail. By its very nature, the channel is an unintrusive presence in your mailbox and within the home.

Because of this, direct mail has one of the longest advertising lifespans, inviting several marketing touchpoint opportunities for every resident. 

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4.) More Trustworthy

According to RRD, direct mail is thought to be more trustworthy (33%) than email (16%). In addition, Marketreach found that 87% of customers view mail as believable.

When it comes to fundraising, donors need to feel trust in today’s marketing landscape. Because of direct mail’s higher barrier of entry, it’s more expensive and less viable for foreign companies to send out scam letters requesting personal information.

By including a return address, your audience can see who the advertisement is from and research into your company without concern.

Furthermore, there is no risk of a virus or other phishing attempts when opening a letter from an unknown source. People can read and learn about your company without concern. 

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5.) Build Up a Loyal Donor Base

A great benefit to direct mail is its location data and tracked responses per campaign. Any response from an address can be recorded and retargeted for the following year.

In doing so, you can build a relationship with your core audience over time.

Not only can you retarget for future campaigns, but you can also show the impact that previous donations had on past fundraising attempts.

This method is another way to build loyalty to your cause by inspiring previous donors to continue donating for future events.

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