Direct Mail for Your Business

Direct Mail for Your Business

Direct Mail Advertising

Planning your next marketing campaign? Reach the customers you need with a customized mailing list for your business.

From postcards to business mailers — reach nationwide households with DK Solutions.


Our Exclusivity Pledge promises to never sell your company’s custom direct mail list to a competitor.

Improved Responses

Identify and target only the addresses most likely to respond to your mail campaign.

Flexible Plans

Large or small, every business can take advantage of our TargetList methodology.

Custom Budget

Calculate a unique marketing budget that suits your company and satisfies sales goals.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Typical mail campaigns of the past involved sending out thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of mailers every week in the hopes of finding the right prospects. While this widespread, non-targeted, volume-driven approach can work for a local pizza place (because who doesn’t like pizza?), for more specialized businesses it means an incredible amount of waste.

We believe there is a better way.

Imagine — instead of using generic lists to find responsive prospects, your campaigns actually identify and target ONLY those most qualified for your business.

With the DK Solutions TargetList, targeting the right households every time is made possible through our data modeling approach.

By only targeting residences most likely to buy from your business, your campaigns dramatically cut down on mail volume – saving you money while leading to higher response and conversion rates.

Our Services

In 2015, our founders realized that even the best mail campaigns waste an incredible amount of paper and financial resources on advertisements that go to people who are totally uninterested in them. They saw how often companies mishandled direct mail with unfocused, expensive campaigns and wanted to develop a strategy that could target the right customers every time.

Millions of invested dollars later, our company has launched countless successful direct mail campaigns for our clients and reached tens of millions of nationwide households thanks to our TargetList methodology.

After seven years in operation, DK Solutions has seen firsthand just how essential direct mail is for every company hoping to expand their business. Large or small, state or nationwide, our TargetLists make it possible for any company to find new customers through impactful, targeted campaigns.

Direct Mail

Start making more sales today on highly relevant leads with a customized direct mail marketing campaign.

Data Modeling

Create an exclusive TargetList of likely customers backed by our data-driven methodology.

Lead Generation

Build an exclusive lead list of prospects most likely to buy from your business.

Exclusive Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

No matter your company size or industry, DK Solutions is here to bring you customized direct mail campaigns catered specifically for your marketing needs.

Want to Learn More?

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about DK Solutions and how our TargetLists are revolutionizing the direct mail industry.