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Direct Mail Marketing FAQs

Direct mail marketing has evolved significantly over the past several decades thanks to the development of the modern mailing system. However, with the rise of web marketing many companies ignore the exclusive benefits of direct mail advertising.

At DK Solutions, our TargetLists use data modeling to compare your current customers to future prospects to determine which households are most likely to convert. With TargetLists, we increase responses and sales while minimizing shipping costs associated with print mail and postage by only targeting prospects with a high likelihood of conversion. 

Direct mail marketing is the sending of postcards, flyers, or other promotional materials via the U.S. Post Office. It often involves building lists of households who will receive the advertisements, the distribution of these materials, and all the steps involved in creating them. That means advertisement design and printing in addition to postage and, if applicable, envelopes.

Yes! Salespeople and marketers from many industries have long sworn by the power of direct mail marketing and continue to do so to this day. You might even say direct mail marketing never stopped working – that it’s ineffective or passe is purely a myth.

With newspaper ads and other similar forms of advertising, you don’t get a good sense of who’s seeing your ad. Sure, you can get analytics describing general groups of customers, but you can’t easily learn about or generate individual leads. The opposite is true with direct mail marketing.

When you deliver a postcard, flyer, or another promotional item directly to somebody’s mailbox, you know that person’s name and address. This information is more personally identifying than what you can generate through many other marketing approaches. Plus, most direct mail marketing campaigns include the generation of lead lists comprising people actually inclined to open your mail. These lists can be as large or small as you want them to be.

Additionally, direct mail marketing is a powerful tool when generating lead lists of those turning 65 or baby boomers. These age groups are more likely to engage with mail than other forms of communication, so when targeting them, direct mail marketing is essential.

Effective direct mail marketing often promotes a short but compelling message or offer. Ad copy used in effective campaigns is typically tailored to a highly specific audience. Direct mail marketing experts such as us at DK Solutions are uniquely qualified to identify and target this audience. We use proprietary methods to build your audience and market to it for ad spends that, though relatively low, are just as effective at advancing leads along your sales funnel (more on that a bit later!).

You’ll pay for direct mail marketing campaigns either per lead or per mailer – the choice is yours. The cost of your campaign will also depend on how many leads or mailers you choose to buy. Although smaller volumes will result in lower price tags, larger volumes allow for bulk mailing that reduces the overall cost per mailer or lead.

Direct mail marketing remains a common lead generation approach among final expense, Medicare supplement, and mortgage protection insurance agents. Companies that sell items catering to seniors, such as back braces or retirement community memberships, also use direct mail marketing. So too do audiology practices and hearing aid providers.

Direct mail marketing can be an effective approach for any business. Your company is obviously a fit if it operates in any of the industries named above. However, here at DK Solutions, we can create and execute custom direct mail marketing campaigns for any business or enterprise. To learn more, visit our Enterprise Solutions page.

FAQs about DK Solutions

At DK Solutions, our TargetList methodology increases response rates while minimizing the costs typically associated with direct mail marketing. First we utilize data from a variety of sources, including our own proprietary lists and models, and compare it to your current client base to find similarities among them. By matching similar data, we determine which households are most likely to convert to leads and sales for your business. Then, we send advertisements only to those deemed most likely to be interested in your products. 

As a result, our TargetLists create smaller, more effective lists to ensure that you are receiving quality leads without all the wasted expense of casting an overly-wide net. Finally, we ensure that your leads are exclusive to you – your list, your leads, your sales.

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The DK Solutions Difference stems from our proprietary TargetList technology, through which we compare your current customer base to the entire American purchasing population based on several dozen key data points. Our TargetLists include only the customers with extremely strong overlap with your current customers. This way, you pay for fewer leads while only getting the leads that matter.

We’re also one-of-a-kind when it comes to offering customized quotes and pricing plans, TargetLists exclusive to you, and expertise and experience unmatched elsewhere. Learn more via our DK Solutions Difference webpage.

Through our proprietary TargetList technology, which took our leadership more than six years to develop, refine, and perfect, we generate only leads with buying behavior and patterns that resemble your current customer base, instead of matching some arbitrary, generic datapoints like age or ZIP code. This way, we sell you leads who are substantially more likely to be interested in what you’re offering. We can also sell you less expensive lists this way, as highly targeted lists will be smaller in size. Since everyone on our TargetLists is a strong prospect, you’ll spend less to see higher response rates.

Our data modeling process starts with the collection of data from one information set – in our case, your customers. We then identify data trends such as frequent buying habits, demographics, and more among your customers. Next, we compare these data to that of the entire American buying population. Finally, we isolate and target only the consumers who strongly overlap your customer base. 

These consumers comprise our TargetLists. The result is that you’ll get smaller, less expensive lists while improving your conversation rates. A compact list comprising solely extremely high-quality leads is far more effective (and budget-friendly) than a huge lead list from which only a fraction of targets are likely to respond.

TargetLists include only leads highly likely to buy from you. They comprise TargetLeads whose buying patterns overlap extremely strongly with those of your current customers. This overlap suggests that these potential customers would be likely to become actual ones if you were to educate them about your offerings. And with direct mail marketing, you can do exactly that through a method that’s far more pointed and one-on-one than other approaches.

Our TargetLists result in response rates as much as five times higher than with other direct mail marketing lead lists. Our clients often see up to 20 percent more sales after our direct mail campaigns than with others. When you choose us, you’ll both pay less and earn more.

At DK Solutions, much of our clientele operates in final expense, mortgage protection, and Medicare supplement insurance sales, but we work with industries of all stripes to target their ideal customers via mail. We also work with many companies that sell back braces, retirement community memberships, and hearing aids. That said, we can work with any business through our custom enterprise solutions.

Direct mail marketing is part, but not all, of how we market for hearing aid sellers. We also offer a full suite of digital marketing services in addition to direct mailers for hearing aid and audiology services. We have years of experience, and great success, marketing these practices via content marketing strategy, search engine optimization, social media, online advertising, Google My Business management, and earning local media via press releases and articles. Visit the Hearing Aid Marketing page to learn more.

Yes, absolutely. We’ll never sell your leads to any of your direct competitors – in fact, we won’t even work with your direct competitors. This exclusivity applies when potential new clients contact us too. If we see that a potential client is a competitor of a current client, we politely decline to work with the potential client. When we work with you to make you the best in your footprint, we work with only you.

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