Welcome to DK Solutions: Targeted Leads, Done Better.

Welcome to DK Solutions: Targeted Leads, Done Better.

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Welcome to DK Solutions: Targeted Leads, Done Better

What makes DK Solutions so different from every other lead generation and direct mail marketing company out there? It boils down to one word: Why?

Asking Your “Why”?

Asking questions is crucial in any business, but in marketing, it’s especially critical. These questions are essential to shaping what you sell, who’s buying, and what you need to do to bring this product or service straight to your ideal customers.

When we first launched DK Solutions, our model was to offer consultative services for businesses who were in the direct mail marketing space. So we started asking our clients why they did things the way they did. And too often, the answer was: “because that’s how we’ve always done things.”

Well, that just didn’t fly for us. At DK Solutions, we believe in questioning the status quo and never accepting that business needs to be conducted the same way it’s always been. Just because something has always worked does not mean it’s the only – or even best – way to do things.

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DK Solutions: Our Method

By asking “why” of our clients, we discovered new ways of doing direct mail marketing that surprised even us. By working with them to better target prospective customers, and working to optimize their printing and mailing processes, we cut costs by 30% while doubling response rates.

Eventually, our clients began to ask us to manage the whole campaign, replacing vendors they worked with who had been in the business for decades. For us, it triggered a shift from a consultative business model to a fulfillment model. While doing so, we were disrupting an industry that had been stagnant for decades, to stunning results.

The rest is history.

But one thing will never be history, and that is that we continue asking ourselves “why,” even about tactics and strategies that have worked for us. At DK Solutions, we never accept hunches or “conventional wisdom” – we are always challenging ourselves to improve.

As long as it improves efficiency and profitability, we’re always finding ways to disrupt even systems we have created.

Every decision we make is evidence-based and anchored in data. Even when we instinctively know something is likely to be true – we force ourselves to prove it. And that is why we succeed.

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It’s not what you don’t know that can tank your business – it’s what you absolutely know, but end up being wrong about because you didn’t continue to revisit and revise your own practices. No wonder so many clients told us they did things because that’s how they’ve always been done.

At the same time, there’s often a temptation – especially in marketing – to chase the latest fad or buzzwords. That’s not us, either.

We specialize in direct mail marketing after all, so don’t expect to hear anything about blockchain, or web3, or the “metaverse.” Here, we simply use cutting edge data modeling, content creation that works for your brand, and decades of experience in print and mail logistics and efficiencies to deliver leads and sales to our clients.

The result is that our clients secure a higher return on investment than any direct mail campaign they’ve conducted before.

Targeted leads, Done Better.

That’s all there is to it.

Welcome to DK Solutions

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On the DK Solutions blog, you’ll learn more about how data modeling is disrupting direct mail marketing as we know it. We’ll share some of the knowledge we’ve acquired over more than 50 years of combined experience and how we’ve applied it to the target marketing world.

And if you’re interested in having a fresh perspective on your company’s marketing efforts from a team that specializes in turning over every stone, scaling every fence, and digging under every wall in search of the best and most efficient path forward for our clients – why NOT give us a call?

After all, it all starts with a why.

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