Direct Mail Campaigns Backed by TargetList

Direct Mail Campaigns Backed by TargetList

Enjoy Quality Campaigns Backed by TargetList

Since 2015, our founders had one goal for direct mail: To utilize the power of data modeling to reduce mail waste and cut out uninterested prospects without losing any qualified leads in the process.

Seven years and millions of invested dollars later, our company has launched countless successful campaigns for our clients and reached tens of millions of nationwide households thanks to our TargetList methodology.

Direct Mail Campaigns for Your Business

Cut Down on Volume

Typical mail campaigns of the past involved sending out thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of mailers every week in the hopes of finding the right prospects. While there is mild success to this strategy, DK Solutions wanted a better way.

Our TargetList compares your current customers with over 100 million other households across the country and identifies similar residences based on their characteristics and spending habits.

By only targeting residences most likely to buy from your business, your campaigns cuts down on mail volume – saving you money while leading to higher response and conversion rates.

Our Expertise:

Address List Creation & Lead Generation

Improved Printing & Postage Costs

Timing Deliveries & Logistics Analysis

Data Analysis & Improving Campaigns

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