B2B Sales/Marketing Solutions Associate

B2B Sales/Marketing Solutions Associate

Job Overview: 

As a Marketing Solutions Associate, you will identify and contact potential DK Solutions business prospects to sell our Direct Mail Marketing with TargetList services to.

You will be helping businesses make more targeted, higher revenue sales, utilizing direct mail marketing all while cutting waste and reaching new prospects they could never reach with digital or other forms of marketing.

Job Location: 

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Job Type: 

Full Time

Job Description: 

DK Solutions is looking for competitive self-starters, who enjoy helping businesses improve and upgrade their marketing strategies. We are currently looking for a Junior and Senior B2B Sales/Marketing Solutions Associate so experience ranges will vary, along with starting salaries.

This is intended to be a salary + six-figure commission job, with high percentage payouts and recurring residuals for new business created by you. Successful Associates can expect to dwarf their salaries with commissions and residuals.

We will provide you with all the tools you need to identify and prospect businesses that are good fits for our services.

Utilizing inbound leads and prospects from visitors to our Hubspot-enabled website, as well as outbound lead/prospect building tools like ZoomInfo, Associates will have access to a wide range of businesses who can benefit from our services and the direct contact information for decision makers at those businesses.

Up until the mid-2000’s, direct mail marketing was the primary choice for many direct-to-consumer businesses. With the advent of digital advertising, many businesses left this critical marketing method behind.

But in recent years, digital and email advertising has become oversaturated and a race to the bottom in pricing.

This has left a nearly 20 year gap of expertise for businesses who today have no idea how to go back to this tried and true, but underutilized form of marketing that has evolved dramatically since the launch of paid search advertising.

That is where DK Solutions comes in – and where you can leave your mark on the marketing and lead generation world.

Responsibilities & Duties: 

  • Identify businesses that would benefit from direct mail marketing services that have the right size, budget, and products that make them a good fit
  • Identify and contact the executive decision makers within these businesses and solicit them
  • Guide prospects through the traditional B2B sales funnel from sales prospect to complete sales
  • Leverage inbound leads and prospects from visitors to the DK Solutions website, as well as other lead/prospect generation efforts
  • Work with our marketing team to find creative new approaches to reach decision makers at firms in need of our services
  • Close sales and generate revenue for DK Solutions – and earn a significant commission percentage while doing so
  • Some travel may be necessary to close sales or attend trade shows to generate leads, but primarily this is an inside sales position

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Business to Business sales: 1 year to 5 years
  • Senior Associates will have an established network of business contacts and an established history of closing high-level B2B sales
  • ZoomInfo experience a plus but not required – training/onboarding will be provided
  • Working knowledge of B2B sales best practices and techniques
  • Experience in direct mail marketing a plus


  • Hybrid-work schedule (up to 6 WFH days per month)
  • Two weeks paid vacation and one week paid sick/medical leave (including to care for a family member)
  • Health insurance group rate
  • Full coverage for vision and dental insurance
  • 401k plan with company match
  • Complimentary life insurance paid in full by DK Solutions
  • 12 weeks paid maternity/paternity leave after one year employment
  • Access to the 15th floor lounge, including gym membership
  • Free parking on-site, including access to NYC bus

About DK Solutions: 

At DK Solutions, our history began with a vision: to create a company focused on the goal of reducing waste in direct mail marketing. After years of watching companies burn through their budgets and waste 80% of their marketing efforts on uninterested prospects, we knew the industry had grown stagnant and uninspired. 

Our founders had a vision: 

What if the power of data modeling available for paid search campaigns could be applied to direct mail marketing? 

For the past 7 years, our company has grown into what it is today thanks to our TargetList methodology. By generating only quality leads for our clients, our methods have resulted in 2-3 times more leads on average without the excessive costs typically associated with direct mail campaigns. 

Interested in learning more about our company? Please visit our FAQ or our blog for more information on our business and the direct mail industry.

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