Is Direct Mail the Key to Hearing Aid & Senior Needs Marketing?

Is Direct Mail the Key to Hearing Aid & Senior Needs Marketing?

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Is Direct Mail the Key to Hearing Aid & Senior Needs Marketing?

Since the mid-2000’s many businesses have re-prioritized their marketing dollars towards avenues like social media and pay-per-click advertising.

However, after years of over-saturating newsfeeds, search results, and email boxes, many companies have failed to recognize the benefits of incorporating print mail into their marketing channel. 

Not only does print mail outcompete digital ads regarding user recollection and impact, but it is also popular with older demographics. Considering that a large portion of the United States population are baby boomers, hearing aids and other senior needs companies stand to benefit the most from direct mail marketing. 

Advantages include: 

  • High Audience Participation
  • Making an IMPACT 
  • Multiple Marketing Touchpoints 

Print mail, long the preferred marketing tactic for marketing to seniors has come a long way since the exodus to digital marketing began, and it can be a great extension to your marketing channel. 

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High Audience Participation

As a marketer, your audience must always be at the forefront when making decisions for your campaign. For hearing aids and senior needs companies, the largest audience would be the population of baby boomers. 

Despite the digitalization of marketing in recent years, a majority of the baby boomer generation continue to interact with direct mail multiple times per week. As OIG reports nearly 73% of surveyed participants pick up their mail at least six days a week.

Not only that, but baby boomers trust print mail, as nearly 80% of participants claim to trust print mail ads according to a MarketingSherpa report. 

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Direct Mail Makes an Impact

Not only are Baby Boomers among the most inclined to interact with their mail, the physical presence of direct mail also plays a significant role in captivating your audience.

According to an OIG study: after a week of initial viewing, participants recalled physical ads faster and with higher confidence than their digital counterparts. 

The ability to recall print ads is essential to the marketing pipeline: customers will buy from the companies they remember. Not only is it necessary for customers to receive your ads, but also to remember them in their time of need. 

With rampant competition within the hearing aid and senior needs industry, having a customer recall your business sets you apart from your competitors. 

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Still “Live” Within the Household

What is the greatest advantage to print mail marketing? Its ability to remain “live” within a household over several weeks. 

While digital ads may seem flashy and captivating, they are also fleeting. Having a physical, non-evasive advertisement in the home grants multiple marketing touchpoints throughout the ad’s lifetime. 

In fact, after a month, 27% of direct mail is still “live” within the household. While an individual may not initially contact your company upon receiving your ad, there are several other touchpoints made throughout the month that opens the possibility to make a sale in the future. 

Multiple contact points are essential for the hearing aid and senior needs market, as each touchpoint creates an opportunity to make a sale. 

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Data Modeling for Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail certainly benefits the hearing aid and senior needs market. But where do you start when creating your campaign? DK Solutions is here to help. 

With our TargetList approach, we target your primary audience without the unnecessary clutter.

Utilizing data modeling, we compare your current customers to that of all U.S. households and choose the most likely prospects for your business. This way you know that your message is only reaching those most likely to engage with your company. 

Our clients receive 2-3 times the response rate for non-targeted mail and close more sales overall thanks to our TargetList methodology. Our lists are more targeted than your average randomized mailing list.

We generate the same amount of calls with less advertisements sent – lowering your cost per lead and opening up your budget to grow your business with more leads and sales. 


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Direct mail creates multiple opportunities for the hearing aid and senior needs industry.

Not only is it highly trusted among baby boomers, but it also creates a large impact within the household. 

Get started with your direct mail campaign at DK Solutions. Our TargetList approach has made it possible to reach your primary audience without the hefty costs. 

Contact us today to receive a free quote. Learn more about how we can help spread your message to your target demographic on our FAQs page.



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