Senior Needs Leads

Senior Needs Leads

Senior Needs Leads by DK Solutions

What Are Senior Needs?

At DK Solutions, we classify “senior needs” as anything that companies that often buy “turning-65” leads might sell. Below are just a handful of the products and services that might fit this description:

For many older folks, back braces can bring essential support and pain relief. But that doesn’t mean seniors know where to get the best back braces – until they work with you. With our lists of leads targeting those turning 65, you’re connected with seniors who are most likely to buy your product.

Tens of millions of seniors need Medicare Supplement (Medigap) to help pay for what Medicare doesn’t cover. Whether you’re interested in helping seniors switch between Medigap plans or if someone first turning 65 needs to enroll in the first place, we build customized lists of highly valuable Medicare leads. Our direct mail campaigns connect you with the precise seniors who need your help making this important purchase.

Many seniors want to make sure their families can afford burial and funeral expenses. Final expense insurance agents like yourself can make that happen, especially with our lead generation services. We’ll only connect you with seniors extremely likely to buy final life insurance – with our lists, everyone wins.

The likelihood of hearing loss increases with age, especially in people 65 and older. This trend makes baby boomers an invaluable audience for hearing aids. Of course, given the competition in the hearing aid space, you’ll need to make sure you stand out. At DK Solutions, we’ll make sure your mailers are one of a kind – and delivered to the highest-quality leads.

Some retired folks prefer more social environments once they step back from work. But how can retirement communities know they’re reaching out to those actually interested in moving there? Highly targeted lead lists are the answer.

Elderly people may need in-home care to live their best lives. The thing is, healthcare services might be tempted to target all older patients in their area when only a fraction of them need in-home care. Our highly targeted direct mail campaigns focus on only this fraction.

Why Direct Mail Leads for Senior Needs?

Baby boomers and older people are the demographic most engaged with direct mail. Sending mailers advertising back braces, hearing aids, Medicare supplement insurance, and other senior needs is a great way to get their attention. It’s an especially effective approach when the ads they get are actually for products and services they’re likely to buy.

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Why Are DK Solutions Senior Needs Leads Different?

Often, lead lists contain a large number of households, among whom only a fraction are expected to become buyers. That means lots of mailers going straight into the trash – and lots of wasted money for you. But what if you could send far fewer mailers while increasing the odds that you’ll convert curious readers into enthusiastic customers?

That’s exactly the DK Solutions difference.

At DK Solutions, we use our data modeling system, called TargetList, to compare your current customers to all U.S. consumers along several dozen key buying preferences and behavioral data points. Our lists only include leads whose data strongly overlaps with your actual customers. This way, you spend less money obtaining fewer leads while making way more sales.

All leads we generate for you are only yours – we’ll never sell to your competitors. We’re here to be your exclusive partner and the pathway toward the best leads in your area.

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Senior Needs Leads with DK Solutions

At DK Solutions, we customize our pricing plans to your needs. We charge based on what you sell and your desired quantity of mailers or leads. In all cases, our fees cover postage, data, materials, production, and labor – and everything you could want and need from direct mail marketing.

We have no lead or mailer quantity requirements, though we always recommend going bigger than smaller. The more leads or mailers you buy, the more easily we can rely on bulk mailing, which is less expensive per lead. That means less money invested and more potential sales.

We don’t believe in tying our clients to approaches that ultimately don’t work for them. If you’re dissatisfied with your leads or response rates, just let us know that you want to cancel. It’s really that easy.

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