Medicare Leads by DK Solutions

Why Direct Leads for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Among Medicare insurance agents, direct mail marketing is a tried and true, highly successful tactic for generating quality Medicare Leads.

That’s because Medicare is intended for those turning 65, an age group more likely to engage with physical mail in their mailboxes than other marketing channels. This industry has long relied on Medicare supplement leads to help them connect with new customers, but now, there’s a smarter way to get the most out of this tried-and-true marketing channel.

Why are our Medicare leads different?

In general, Medicare lead lists contain many contacts that can’t possibly yield high conversion rates or have a great return on investment. The result is way too many mailers in the trash. That’s an annoyance for people who receive your mailers (and subsequently backfires for your brand), and it’s also a huge waste of money for you.

The DK Solutions difference solves all these problems.

At DK Solutions, we only deliver leads that are likely to convert.

We do so through a proprietary process we call TargetList that extrapolates your customer base’s buying preferences and behaviors to the entire U.S. population.

First we compare your customers and literally every American household along several dozen data points. Then we only add households with strong overlap to our lead lists. Finally, we get you an abundance of leads – but only ones that are actually likely to buy from you.

The result of our precise lead lists is a high ROI and similarly high conversion rates.  Our clients enjoy paying less per lead, while making more sales.

In addition, we will never sell your leads to one of your competitors. We won’t work with you if we’ve already sold leads to competitors in your footprint. Likewise that ensures exclusivity for everyone we work with. When you choose DK Solutions, you choose an exclusive partner – one who gets you only the best possible leads.

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Medicare Leads with DK Solutions

We offer customized pricing, not to mention direct mail plans, for each client – no one-size-fits-all approaches here. You can pay either by lead or by mailer, and your fees will always cover data, production, materials, postage, and labor.

No – we’ll never mandate that you buy either a minimum or maximum number of mailers or leads. However, we always suggest going bigger. The more leads or mailers you buy, the more realistic bulk mailing becomes. And with bulk mailing comes lower costs.

Never. If you’re not getting the results you want, you can immediately stop working with us. We won’t charge you cancelation fees, and we’re not interested in keeping people tethered to agreements that won’t work for them. But we are confident that our TargetLists will include just the new customers you’re looking for.

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