Final Expense

Final Expense

Final Expense Leads with DK Solutions

When you buy final expense direct mail leads, you choose what’s long been final expense insurance agents’ most commonly used marketing method. The highest-quality final expense leads typically belong to the baby boomer generation, who still respond to direct mail marketing more strongly than other channels. 

Purchasing life insurance leads also comes with tools for creating and distributing your mailers to quickly contact your leads. This model is flexible, too: You can pay per either lead or mailer.

But this method still doesn’t address the core problem: That seniors are targeted time and again by the same companies, bombarding them with options, but with no true reason for choosing any of them. That’s because these companies don’t account for who in their final expense leads list may actually want to buy this type of insurance.

At DK Solutions, we’ve changed that for the better.

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Why are our leads different?

Most final expense insurance lead companies will sell you a giant list from which not nearly everyone will respond. DK Solutions instead uses proprietary TargetLists to compare your actual customers to every household in the U.S. You won’t only buy final expense leads from us; you get final lead prospects. In addition, our proprietary TargetList approach narrows your target audience to the likeliest respondents based on who’s already buying what you sell.

The households aligned with your customers along several dozen data points will comprise all the leads sourced and sold to you. We give you an abundance of highly qualified TargetLeads, and our leads’ buying patterns and behavior are more strongly aligned with your current customers than leads you could get elsewhere.

When we generate highly qualified final expense life insurance leads, they’re yours and only yours.

No competitors in your footprint will ever see your leads – in fact, we won’t even work with your competitors. You can pay either per lead or per mailer, and we’ll get your mailers into the hands most likely to buy your product.

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  • Step 1:

    Get a quote from DK Solutions

  • Step 2:

    We create your exclusive list

  • Step 3:

    Mailers go out to your list

  • Step 4:

    You make the sale!

Final Expense Leads with DK Solutions

All our direct mailing campaigns are priced and adjusted to fit your budget and unique needs. We’re flexible based on your needs, but one thing is constant: Our fees always include mailer production, data collection, postage, materials, and labor. You can pay either by lead or by mailers – it’s whatever works for you.

There’s no required maximum or minimum lead amount, but we recommend going bigger than smaller. The more leads or mailers you buy, the bigger the bulk we can mail, which translates to lower costs for stronger leads.

If you’re not satisfied with your leads, the good news for you is that you’re not contractually bound to us. If you’re unhappy with your results, just tell us, and you can walk away immediately without penalty.

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