Grow Your Lawn Care Business with a Direct Mail Campaign

Grow Your Lawn Care Business with a Direct Mail Campaign

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Grow Your Lawn Care Business with a Direct Mail Campaign

Now is the perfect opportunity to reach new prospects for your landscaping business. Thanks to direct mail, lawn care and similar services can target relevant clients and further expand their consumer base with ease. 

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1.) Plan Your Approach

Referrals are a great way for your company to grow its clientele as it allows a business to use past clients to target similar prospects within their vicinity. Neighbors likely share similar needs, and one sale can lead to hundreds more by targeting similar communities. 

If this pattern were to span across several neighborhoods, your business could receive a flow of new clients every week throughout the year! 

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2.) Re-Targeting Opportunities

Direct mail allows you to track and retarget the same customers that may have not shown initial interest in your services. These campaigns can be strategically launched at peak times to make the largest impact on your marketing prospects. 

In addition, mailers are a great way to re-target PAST customers. Since lawncare requires constant maintenance, direct mail can incentivize prior clients for your business. 

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3.) Measure Success and Keep Leads for Future Campaigns

Another great benefit to direct mail is its ability to track and benchmark success. This is especially helpful for future campaign goals, as you already have an idea about your current client base and can track progress over time. You can also launch a mailing campaign to build interest for your services with promotional offers throughout the year.

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TargetList for your Direct Mail Campaigns

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Beginning a direct mail marketing campaign can be difficult and may require a lot of financial risk if done improperly. There are many factors to consider that can result in higher variable costs for your campaign overall.

Thankfully, DK Solutions is here to help. Not only do we create an exclusive lead list for your lawn care services, but we also handle everything from delivery to data analysis to help your business succeed. Contact us today to begin your direct mail campaign and reach nationwide audiences.

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