Five Reasons Why Internet Users Block Digital Ads

Five Reasons Why Internet Users Block Digital Ads

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Five Reasons Why Internet Users Block Digital Ads

While the online world is evolving every day, the ways that users are actively avoiding advertisements during their internet sessions leaves much to be desired. 

With nearly 1/3 of internet users blocking online ads, many companies ask why that may be. Does the behavior tie to individual personality traits or as a byproduct of the online marketing platform as a whole?

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Why Users Block Display and Video Ads

All users desire an easy streamline of content when browsing online. Anything that interrupts this flow is cast in a negative light. Furthermore, ads can vary from mild to extremely annoying depending on the media and what content it blocks. 

Ads Block Content

The constant flow of distracting online ads is likely the leading cause for why individuals utilize ad block. The most annoying ads identified by users include long video ads before short videos and banners that follow the page scroll. If this trend continues, more and more users will seek to remove all ads from their devices. 

Ads Slow My Computer

Many users perceive online ads to slow down their computer. Even if the ads on a website contribute to the page’s loading time, many users will blame ads for causing issues regardless. If one’s browsing experience is constantly interrupted with online ads, users will be more inclined to block them. 

Ads Could Have Malware

Security risks and safety concerns are another reason that many users choose to block ads from their devices. If there is a potential spam risk from clicking on an ad, users would rather block the ad to avoid the situation altogether. 

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Why Users Unsubscribe from Email Lists

While not as widespread as online ads, promotional emails are also why users may try to block advertising content from their online experience. When a company encourages a customer to sign up through e-mail, a new marketing touchpoint is created for that customer. However, this can quickly hurt a company’s brand if the promotional content frustrates or overwhelms their customers.

Emails are Overwhelming 

One study from MarketingSherpa found that 26% of users unsubscribe from company email lists because of the overwhelming number of emails they receive in general. 19% of users further state that they unsubscribe from specific companies that send too many emails. So regardless if your company limits promotional emails, there is still a risk that users will opt-out of future campaigns. 

Emails Are Not Relevant to Me

As many as 21% of users in this study also claim that company emails they unsubscribe from are not relevant to them. Reasons for this can vary, similar responses range from “trying to sell to them” (19%) or “not focused on their needs” (11%). If a customer recieves irrelevant company emails, they are much more likely to unsubscribe.  

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How Direct Mail Differs

Direct mail’s lack of intrusiveness within the home creates far more opportunity for the ads to leave a lasting impact on customers.

Paired with its long lifespan and the fact that mail is often passed around the home, the multiple marketing touchpoints allow users to appreciate and respond more frequently. 

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