The DK Difference

The DK Difference

DK Solutions: Targeted Leads Done Differently

The DK Solutions Difference is everything that makes us uniquely qualified to get you the highest-quality leads possible while paying less per lead overall. It’s also our customized quotes and pricing plans, our ability to execute direct mail marketing campaigns from start to finish, our “three E’s.” and our TargetList Technology.

Our three E’s: Expertise, Exclusivity, Experience

When you buy leads from DK Services, you get the following things key to any successful direct mail marketing campaign:

Over the past six years, we’ve developed our proprietary TargetList technology into the best lead generator around. Gone are the days of blanketing an area with mailers – we only send your ads to people actually likely to buy from you. The best part? Since TargetList is data-based, we’re always refining, re-evaluating, and fine-tuning it. When you work with us, you choose lead generation tactics that only get better with time.

When you work with us, we only work with you. We’ll never sell your leads to your local competitors. Consider us your exclusive direct mail marketing partner in your locale.

Our co-founders bring more than 50 combined years of marketing experience to the table, so we know the ins and outs of every marketing sector and channel. Both our co-founders also spent over a decade each working as sales agents. We know what makes great leads – and how to convert these leads – because we’ve done so ourselves countless times. We know from experience what hits the target and what lands astray.

The TargetList Difference: Lower Costs, More Sales

Often, buying a lead list means getting a large number of contacts among whom only a small portion respond and even fewer buy. Not only that, but this list has often been sold, reskinned, and resold to your competitors, meaning that many similar companies are marketing to the exact same people. At DK Solutions, we solve this problem through our proprietary TargetList technology. We use this model to generate leads most likely to contact you and make a purchase.

Our TargetList initially extrapolates your current customers’ buying preferences and behavioral data to the entire U.S. population. It then identifies only the consumers extremely aligned with your customers along several dozen data points. These, and only these, leads comprise your list. Since these lists are smaller, they cost you less – and they include only leads highly likely to buy what you sell.

Our TargetLists yield 2-3 times more leads for non-targeted mail than you’d get elsewhere on larger/less efficient lists.

You won’t just pay less for better leads – you’ll bring in more revenue, too.

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The Budget-Friendly Difference: Customized Quotes and Plans for your TargetList

At DK Solutions, we’ll meet you where you’re at. All our quotes include pricing customized to your exact direct mail marketing needs. We base our quotes on what you sell and how many leads or mailers you require. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach – every seller has different goals and needs, and we can meet them all.

The Tactical Difference: Start-To-Finish Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing campaigns take a lot of work. There’s all the time spent coming up with ideas for ad designs – and that’s before actually putting these ideas into practice. Next comes figuring out who to mail to. And then, you have to print your mailers, buy postage, and get everything to the post office. Lucky for you, at DK Solutions, we do this all on your behalf.

To begin, we take your best marketing materials and send those out as part of your mailer campaign. Then we apply our TargetList technology to your customer base and find you the highest-quality leads to whom your mailers should go. Once we have compelling visual materials and valuable leads, we print everything, add postage, and get you right to your newest customers.

Who is DK Solutions?

Founded by longtime sales and marketing colleagues, DK Solutions brings more than 50 years of experience — plus years of their own research and development — to customers around the U.S. who rely on direct mail marketing to generate top leads. Discover the DK Difference and how it plays a role in lead generation while also closing more sales overall.

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