Customized Direct Mail Campaigns

Customized Direct Mail Campaigns

Reach Nationwide Audiences with Direct Mail

Our competitive campaigns work to reach many qualified customers within your budget. Every business can benefit from adding direct mail to its marketing strategies.

Direct Mail Campaigns for Your Business

Checks and Balances

A large scale direct mail marketing campaign can easily reach six figures – and while the payoff is worth it, if you aren’t experienced in the ins and outs of the business it’s very easy to get burned.

That’s why at DK Solutions, our priority is balancing your budget to give you the most sales possible while reducing the typical risk associated with non-targeted mail.

Our Expertise:

Address List Creation & Lead Generation

Improved Printing & Postage Costs

Timing Deliveries & Logistics Analysis

Data Analysis & Improving Campaigns

Our Pricing

At DK Solutions, no two mail campaigns are the same. As such, our prices are based on our client’s goals to ensure a high ROI and maximize profitability, regardless of budget or company size.

Our flexible pricing helps you budget to your level of comfort. Our clients across many industries enjoy 2-3 times the response rate for non-targeted mail… without the burdensome cost of typical mail campaigns.

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